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Nov 5, 2007 08:24 AM

Salvadoran food in the Pioneer Valley! (or southern VT?)

I just found out that Roberto's Pizza in Greenfield and Montague has a couple Salvadoran items on offer as well. I had tamales in Greenfield the other night and they were excellent (less spicy than I'd like but what do you expect?). The cook said the Roberto's in Montague has pupusas, so I can't wait to go there!

If anyone has info about other spots for Salvadoran/Central American food in Western Mass. or southern VT (I actually live in Brattleboro) they would be MUCH appreciated!

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  1. Mi Tierra, in Hadley, is supposed to be Mexican, but it's run by Salvadorenses, and so the food reflects their cuisine in its prep and spicing. El Guanaco in South Hadley is more authentically Salvadoran and has pupusas, etc.

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      Yes, I second Roberto's. Been there a few times now. Delicious & cheep. They also have Italian food (good sauce!) to satisfy the locals. The Mexican/Salvadoran chow is on a different menu if I remember correctly. Actually its in between Turners Falls and Montague on Montagu Rd before the fire station. Haven't been to Greenfield location.

      1. re: Big Fat Moe

        Sadly, no pupusas at Mi Tierra, although they do have good food.

        I'm so interested to hear that there are pupusas available in the area though. I'm taking notes - El Guanaco in South Hadley and Roberto's in Montague. I have no idea where Montague is, so I'll have to look it up.

        What else besides tamales at the Greenfield location? Does it make more sense to hit the Montague location instead for more menu options?

      2. re: homesick for food

        How have I not heard of Guanaco? Gotta go try this.

        1. re: famedalupo

          So I finally got around to trying Guanaco. Tasty pupusas, priced right! Was very happy.

      3. What a wild goose chase.

        The Roberto's in Montague only has pupusas (maybe) once a week. No regular day and the woman who makes them rarely makes the cortido that goes with it. I tried the chicken tacos and they were fine. Nothing at all wrong with them, just not worth the drive out there because I can make better.

        The Greenfield location doesn't serve any Mexican food (or pupusas) at all, according to the people at the Montague location.

        In other words, don't bother...