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Nov 5, 2007 08:20 AM

birthday dinner 16 year old son

Having dinner for son's birthday with relatives. (7 people altogether) Son loves steak or seafood.
Any recommendations?

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    1. re: Spiritchaser

      Angelo and Maxies on Park and 18th. Decent steak but great eye candy for the boys.

        1. re: princeofpork

          I would avoid Angelo & Maxie's because even though the steaks are o.k. (though certainly not as good as the top tier steakhouses), the noise level is so hideously high that conversation around the table is virtually impossible without shouting.

          I'm with the others. Keens!

          1. re: RGR

            Guys - these are 16 year old boys. Do you really think they care about the noise level and having "conversation". They want to be looking at beautiful NYC women and feeling like P Diddy. A&M is the place for them.
            Keens is a better suggestion for the parents then the B-Day boy.

            1. re: princeofpork

              BLT Prime is better steak and better eye candy in the same neighborhood. I actually recommended BLT PRime for my boss when he had to take his 17-year-old son for a birthday dinner and it was a big success.

              1. re: princeofpork

                I also think that Keens seems to be too "adult" for a 16-year-old birthday celebration (I would do a 60-year-old bday dinner there...)

                I feel that place that is more casual with good food will be great. Such as Bluesmoke.

                Never been to Angelo & Maxie's so I can't commend.

                1. re: kobetobiko

                  I think people are reading too much into the question. The OP asked for a place for a BDay for son with relatives. OP doesn't state it's for a 16 yr old with friends going through puberty. Keens will have the broadest apply.

                2. re: princeofpork

                  I guess I missed something when I went to A&M, but I saw mostly a business/after-work crowd (but this was a weekday, maybe the weekends are different). Also, sounds like this may not be a party of 16 year old boys ("with relatives"). Blue Smoke sounds like a good idea - or I'd think Luger's would seem cool to a 16 year old. Or if interested in seafood, maybe look into Markt.

                  1. re: princeofpork

                    Hey, princeofpork,

                    As others have pointed out, you need to read the o.p. more carefully -- "dinner for son's birthday with relatives." Nothing about a group of 16-year-old boys. I'm guessing the 7 people involved might include siblings and/or grandparents. Thus, I'm sticking with my contention that Keens is a much better option than A&M.

            2. I'm also keen on Keens, precisely BECAUSE it is "adult." A boy's 16th b/day is like an introduction to manhood--what better place than a carnetarian palace with a classy, grown-up, masculine vibe? My guess is he'll appreciate it with all the history, the clay pipes, etc. BTW, the porterhouse for 2 actually feeds three medium appetites.

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              1. re: Mr. Particular

                Well said, Mr. P.! And it just occurred to me if he wants eye candy, he can step into the bar room and have a look at the portrait of Ms. Keens in all her glory! lol

                1. re: RGR

                  I completely mis-read the original post. I just had in my mind 5 16 year old boys having dinner in NYC. I guess I was just living vicariously through them. I will have to retract my suggestion since A&M will not be a good dining experience for Grandma and Grandpa.

              2. Hi there! Not sure your preference on price, but Ninja could be VERY fun and different for a group:

                It IS somewhat of a theme restaurant, but I could imagine this being quite a fun experience for a 16 year old. Particularly if some of his friends come along. If it's just the fam, maybe another place would work, but just thought I'd send you this idea!

                1. Thanks for all the info. The birthday is for my son who will be turning 16, his grandparents & his mom (me), mom's boyfriend & my ex & his wife.(what a world, huh?) It looks like a lot of you rec. Keens. I was also thinking of Quality Meats or Primehouse. If we do Seafood, I have backup res. at Lure Fishbar. Thoughts?

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                  1. re: bethl

                    lure fishbar has a surf and turf which is good. i liked the feeling of being on a boat. the grandparents might like it as well. only problem is i found the seats uncomfortable and the restaurant a little noisy. might not be best for 7 people. what about a place like mesa grill, they have tons of options. i haven't been but it is a bobby flay restaurant which i would like to try. that might appeal to your son.

                    1. re: bethl

                      For seafood, I'd go to Aquagrill instead.

                      1. re: bethl

                        Quality meats and primehouse are both better options that keen's. A 16 year old would not enjoy Keen's. Afterall, it is his birthday, regardless of whether he's bringing friends. I liked Lure as well.

                        1. re: bethl

                          Lure is a swanky fun place, and the decor just plain looks cool. The food is absolutely fine -- I do think aquagrill is great but I think when i was 16 I would've been pretty impressed by a place like lure...

                        2. The UWS Carmine's on Broadway at 90th Street is my favorite for family birthdays. Everything I've ever had there is wonderful. The portions are more than generous, served family style and we've never left there without a couple of bags of leftovers. Excellent fried calamari, pastas, salads and their porterhouse garlic steak giambott with peppers, and potatoes plus sausage if you ask for it, is amazing. Actually, I've never had a disappointing dish there. It's a real NYC institution. Plus, it's the perfect kind of atmosphere to celebrate birthdays. The large old dining room is a vestige of an older NYC when it was actually part of the Greystone Hotel, which is the building it's located in. Plus they take reservations for parties of six and over and actually honor them. A great place.

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                          1. re: lovefood

                            Ok, we've decided on steak, & I have res. at Keens. Sorry to be such a pain, but I've also heard good things about Del Frisco's. Thoughts?

                            1. re: bethl

                              Del Frisco's is a chain (a really great one) and Keen's is not. Personally, if I hadn't been to either, I'd go to the restaurant that is the original and not one of many.