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Nov 5, 2007 08:18 AM

Thin Sliced Fried Pickles

I am looking for fried pickles of a particular variety. I like thin pickle slices (chips, rounds, whatever you want to call them) with a light batter (tempura-esque) so that there is an initial crunch but then it almost dissolves in your mouth. Preferably served with some cool dipping sauce of a ranch variety. I really don't want any heavy breading or crumbs or pickle spears. I can find those things easily all over town. There is a place where I am from on the Texas coast that does them this way and I am trying to find a place in town.

I did some searching and it looks like Red Bud Grill may make them this way, but I also read a lot of other not so flattering comments about that place.

So, any suggestions of places that do their fried pickles like this in the Austin area? Thank you.

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  1. oh man, do i know exactly what you're talking about. the only options for these dirty delicacies in town is to have over-battered chips or the full-on fried pickle spears, neither of which i'm crazy for. the only place i know of where you can get lightly fried, thin pickle slices is at wurstfest in new braunfels. i know this as i was just there this past saturday and they were fantastic, just the way you described :-) the wurstfest is on through next weekend, so i'd recommend taking the short drive down there while it's still going on.

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      I had them at wurstfest too this past weeekend. I had them for the first time locally at Chez Zee.

      1. re: nypb

        i had them at wurstfest too. salty!

    2. The last few times I went to Evangeline Cafe they had fried pickle chips. They were awesome! The sauce wasn't ranch, but evangeline sauce, which tastes kind of like a thousand island. I'm sure you could ask for ranch though. At the time they said it was a temporary thing, but they were doing so well that they were talking about making it a permanent menu item.

      1. I recall that the Black Eyed Pea has the fried pickle chips. The breading may be a little heavier than what you're looking for though. I got hooked on them and I much prefer them to the fried pickle spears, and I'd love to try some like the ones you describe.

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          Ironically enough, I was just at the Black Eyed Pea yesterday. While their's are tasty in their own right, they are really more like fried green tomatoes than the type of fried pickles I am looking for. They are quite thick (half an inch or so) with a heavy breading consisting of some cornmeal and some flour. While the thicker breading/batter I feel was probably necessitated by the larger pickle slices, it's almost a completely different beast.

          The beauty of the light ones is you really almost don't even know you are eating anything fried (much like tempura vegetables). They are just light, crisp and just fade away in your mouth.

          1. re: craveytrain

            Yeah, I didn't think BEP's were exactly what you were looking for. I really hope someone can tell us where to find the type of fried pickles you're looking for because they really do sound amazing.

        2. The now closed Razoo's had great ones - I loved them but I can't remember how thick the batter was.

          1. I too love the thin, fried pickle chips. The best I have found recently are at Little Woodrows up North. I wish they were a bit thinner - it almost seems like they bread 2 pickle chips together before battering and frying. But, the batter is good and the ranch is homemade. Hope that helps!