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Nov 5, 2007 08:17 AM

International Dumplings - need info urgently

I'm going on a day long food tour of international foods in dumpling form. Please give me suggestions. So far on the list - Mandoo Bar (Korean), Ukrainian National House Restaurant (Pierogies). I also want to visit someplace with good samosas, potstickers and any place with good 'dumplings'. Please also feel free to post regarding different international 'dumplings'. This is a research project to introduce me plus a friend about food in dumpling form and will definitely need to be a tasty one.

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  1. I love the way you think. Can't wait to hear what recommendations you get. My only recommendation is 5 for a dollar fried meat dumps at Dumpling House.

    1. Hmm, do gnudi or gnocchi count?

      TKettle on St Marks between 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave has very good steamed dumplings from a famous chef who lives in Queens.

      Then go across the street to Grand Sichuan for soup dumplings. Steaming and hot. Or wontons in hot oil. Spicy!

      Dim Sum? Chinatown Brasserie, or any of the usual suspects may work.

      A Tibetan restaurant for momos?

      Tiffin Wallah does a nice samosa. So does Spice Cove, although everything else there is boring. I also like Tabla's non-traditional samosa, but it's more upscale.

      Manty at Taam-tov?

      What about the Ukranian Streetcha?

      p*ong for Thai Jewels? (crunchy tapioca dumplings)

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      1. re: kathryn

        i suppose not gnocchi, there's so much to choose from that i want to be more selective on what 'dumpling' is. thanks very much for your suggestions. the articles are very helpful as well. and a lot of this stuff i've never even heard of!

        1. re: cadireon

          Yeah, I found a bunch of stuff by searching through Dining & Wine section. Seems like every culture has its own dumpling of dumpling form of food.

          Oh, and the Ukranian Streetcha has temporarily moved across the street for whatever reason. I think it's at 24 East 7th right now; there were signs directing people to the new location last weekend.

      2. Looks like you will be in the downtown areas, so I will add the following:

        - In Chinatown, besides the 5-for-a-dollar place, you should go to Joe's Shanghai for soup dumplings, and Dim Sum Go Go for Cantonese style dim sum in dumpling forms. The easiest way to order in Dim Sum Go Go is to order their platter which will gives you 10 different types of "dumpling-style" dim sum
        - sweet Chinese dumplings in Sweet soup (green bean or red bean soup usually) are available in XO Kitchen on Hester or Yuen Yuen on Bayard. These "dumplings" are similar to Japanese mochi, filled with black sesame paste.

        For Japanese style dumplings, you can try the sui-gyoza (shrimp dumplings in broth) and pan-fried gyoza at Kanoyama in EV. At En Brasserie, there is a dumpling in broth that is completely different from Kanoyama's, but I am not sure if you want to go out of the way for that.

        Zabb City in EV has their own Thai version of dumplings.

        Then go to any Italian restaurants for ravioli. In EV you can try Cacio e Pepe.

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        1. re: kobetobiko

          not necessarily just downtown! will go anywhere within the city for the best!

          1. re: cadireon

            Ooh, I would try the Outer Boroughs board then; I'm sure there's amazing dumplings to be had in, say, Flushing.

        2. Or Turkish manti (very similar to the ones at Ukrainian National Home) - just had some this past weekend at Sip Sak, was good enough for me even after a trip to Istanbul.

          I couldn't tell the difference between Tibetan momos from Tibetan Kitchen and normal Chinese dumplings.

          1. Kyber Pass for Afghani Boulanee Kadu- fried pumpkin turnovers. Dip in yoghurt sauce-yummy.

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            1. re: guttergourmet

              In Chinatown area - for Cantonese style dumplings - XO on Hester between (Elizabeth and Bowery?) or Big Wong on Mott between Canal and Bayard has yummy wonton and other dumplings. There's also a Chiu Chao restaurant (forgot the name) on the corner of Mulberry and Bayard that serves dumplings made from fish paste, I believe they're called fish dumplings on the menu - it's the restaurant that sells all the duck in the front.

              Ditto Mandoo Bar for Korean style dumplings - my favorite are the Baby Mandoo and Kimchi Mandoo.

              1. re: sohjyu

                What exactly is baby mandoo? Is it made from little babies? I think I might like it.

                1. re: sohjyu

                  What about the dumpling place on Grand Street east of Mott that looks as if it has just been awning outside..I can't remember the name. They sell frozen dumplings to take away as well as fresh to eat there..