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Stuck on Stuffing

valerie Nov 5, 2007 08:16 AM

I love stuffing but I've never made it before. I'm hosting Thanksgiving for the first time and I can't decide what recipe to use. Sausage? No sausage?

I saw Giada De Laurentiis make this one a few years ago, and I thought it looked great. Has anyone ever made it, or tasted it?

Raffy's Turkey Sausage and Chestnut Stuffing


A few things that I do know...I don't want cornbread stuffing and I don't want oysters in the stuffing.

Does anyone have any great stuffing recipes to share? Or should I go with the above recipe?


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    glorypea Nov 5, 2007 08:48 AM

    Hi Valerie,
    Every year, making the stuffing is my favorite part of cooking the Thanksgiving meal. My mother made an awful stuffing, so my first thanksgiving on my own, I did a lot of research on concocting stuffings and have come up with some guidelines. I always use cubed bread - if you have to buy fresh, cube it and let it sit out a few days before you cook it. Then, I get about every allium in my grocery store: shallots, onions of all colors, garlic, scallions, pearl onions; chop them and sweat them, along with some diced carrots, in butter. I season with lots of fresh thyme and salt and pepper. Then I add in the bread cubes, tossing them with the butter and onion mix. Then I wet the whole thing slightly - it shouldn't drip when you squeeze a handful, but it must stick together and feel somewhat spongy - with wine, stock, or beer. I love the flavor beer adds, but suit yourself. Simple, but always gets raves. I have done cornbread, oysters, chestnuts (a royal pain, unless you can get good prepared ones somewhere), but I love the recipe I just described and so does everyone I've made it for.
    As for the Giada recipe, it sounds wonderful, but no one I cook for seems to like surprises when it comes to the Thanksgiving standbys. What if you made it for roast chicken to give it a try before hand? Good luck...

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