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Nov 5, 2007 07:51 AM

Decent Flour Tortillas??

I feel pretty confident that I know where to go to find good, locally made corn tortillas in Bklyn, but where on earth do I go to get a decent flour tortilla for home use? Seems like the people at Mission have virtually cornered the NY market with their uninspired fare. Any tips greatly appreciated.

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  1. Since flour tortillas are not exactly muy authentico, I don't think you'll find an artisanal producer. But the ones they sell at Union Market are pretty good.

    Where do you recommend for corn tortillas?

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    1. re: Mandymac

      Really? They're not authentico? I didn't know that. I had heard the thing about the burrito being a gringo creation, sure, but they don't use flour torts at all? They're authentic for LA Mexican fare, aren;'t they? Everytime I visit LA I always drool at the stacks and stacks of locally made flour tortillas.
      I like to get all my Mexican products at the little grocery on E2nd and Church in Kensington. They sell several varieties of borough-made corn tortillas, as well as carnes frescos, chilis and 2-buck tacos.

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        Is the place you are talking about called Yummy Taco (I just looked up the cross street on google maps). I've been looking for a place to buy good corn tortillas for ages.

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          Yummy Taco is (I believe, never eaten there) one of those Fresco Tortillas type quick burrito/quesadilla/taco places. The place I mean is on E2, I think right around the corner from Yummy, though YT might be a block away. Red awning

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          Flour tortillas are native to the far reaches of northern Mexico, in the desert where no corn grows. That's why they're so common in Cal-Mex cuisine. But the overwhelming majority of Mexicans in NYC come from the area south of Mexico City, where the corn tortilla rules - as it does in most of Mexico - and the flour tortilla is as foreign as grits in NYC.

          1. re: Woodside Al

            I grew up in Texas and was always a flour tortilla fan, but I can now safely say I'm a convert - corn is where it's at. My question is - can you get amazing corn tortillas like I had recently while in Austin from a company called Milagro? Nothing like the cardboard corn tortillas you often get.

        3. re: Mandymac

          totally agreed on Union Market - surprisingly good for an upscale gourmet market that doesn't specialize in Mex. food (and I say this as a native of ELA).

        4. Honestly I think it's probably easier to just make your own flour tortillas than try to hunt them down across the whole city. All you need is flour, salt, water, baking powder and good lard and it's extremely easy. And much more effective than making corn tortillas from masa harina, for example.

          In Texas of course it's possible to buy premade dough that you can keep in the fridge and cook on a griddle to homemade perfection whenever you like, but you can approximate this effect by making a giant batch of flour tortilla dough, rolling it out and keeping each uncooked disc in the fridge, separated with wax paper.

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          1. re: zbs

            What a great idea. I hadn't thought of that.
            I believe you may have just changed my life. Thank you!

            1. re: HankyT

              when/if you don't feel like making your own, the goya flour tortillas (believe it or not) aren't too bad. I find all the other brands (mission etc.) to be filled with preservatives. flavors, and other unnecessary stuff. The goya ones are simple. Not as good as homemade or fresh local, but better than many other choices.