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Nov 5, 2007 07:45 AM

Recent visit to Legin (Dim Sum) PDX

Legin has dim sum every day, we went Sunday. Hours are 10A-3P for dim sum, otherwise open til Midnight Sun thru Thur, 2AM Fri and Sat.

Many reviewers online talk about this is the place one "can't go wrong" because most of the customers are Asian. May be true.

I lived in Hong Kong and China for 8 years, and my observation is that Legin is "pretty OK", but the variety offered in the carts didn't seem that wide. There was a noticeable shortage of steamed dumplings, which is my primary choice for dim sum.

Overall, service was good, quality was good, prices fair, but my personal preference in Portland so far is House of Louie in Chinatown.

Legin is located @ 8001 SE Division. There is a concentration of asian restaurants and markets in the neighborhood. Some people we dined with said there was a "better" dim sum place about six blocks farther east on division.

What's your favorite? Especially if you have a jones for dumplings, like I do.

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  1. Wong's King, which is indeed a few blocks east on Division, is, in my opinion, far superior. Also far more crowded. I loved Legin until Wong's King opened up. Haven't been back to Legin since. You should check out this thread, which is a comparison of the two - skip to the end, where the contest is summarized:

    1. Gwai Lo: I'm not sure where you read the "Many reviewers online". Perhaps it was citysearch, which doesn't hold much credibility with me; maybe half the posts are from the resto's owners. Legin is not very good, and my native-Chinese dining companions felt the same way. Wong's King is better no doubt, but nothing compared to what can be found in Vanc or SF.