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Nov 5, 2007 07:39 AM

Suckling pig in London

Having just had the suckling pig at Barrafina, have decided would like to treat my dad to it when he comes to visit me soon. However, as he is elderly, I know he will not like the bar and stool type seating at this restaurant and that will ruin his enjoyment of the experience.

Can anyone recommend elsewhere in central-ish London that does this dish, with more traditional chairs and tables seating?

Thanks in anticipation

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  1. st. john in smithfields if you can rustle up 12 other diners and make a party of it.

    1. I was recently reading about the suckling pig 2 way dish at Hibiscus, the Mayfair restaurant transplanted from Ludlow. It features roast pig served with Irish sea urchin and kohlrabi which sounds interesting to say the least and follows up with some kind of fancy sausage roll.

      Alternatively you could have it at Fino which is Barrafina's fancier restaurant sibling.

      1. has suckling pig although I have not personally tried this dish.

        1. One thing to watch out for. In Britain suckling pig is quite a bit older (and bigger) than in Spain. In Spain they are are approx 21 days old, weigh up to 4.5 kgs and feed 2 to 4 people in Britain they can be up to 16 kg. I think this makes quite a difference to the texture of the meat and flavour, I assume Barrafina does it the Spanish way with young suckling pigs whilst St John must have older/larger pigs as they serve 12.

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            I went to Fino in the end as it only required 24hrs' notice for suckling pig, whereas St john needed a week. It was delicious - though I have to admit barrafina's version had the edge - the cracking was juicer and much nicer. Skin on the fino version was very thin and quite dry...the meat itself was lovely though. Mmmm....highly recommended.