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Nov 5, 2007 07:14 AM

caterer for birthday party?

i'm co hosting a 15-person birthday dinner saturday after thanksgiving and anticipate being wiped out from thanksgiving cooking. anyone know a great and inexpensive caterer in DC/maryland area who might do a few side dishes and a birthday cake? I'm doing the entree.


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  1. If you just want sides and a birthday cake why not go to Whole Foods or Wegman's? My Mom got me a birthday cake from Whole Foods that was heavenly, I think it was like Norweigan #6 or something random like that, with Happy Birthday on the top. They also have some very well prepared sides?

    Wegman's does this too, I am sure, and also has some fantastic looking cakes.

    1. Any full service caterer would be happy to do this for you. They are pretty reasonable if you pick the food up yourself. We have used Ridgewells in Bethesda for appetizer and dessert platters. Another big time/effort saver is to rent dishes,glasses and silver. You dont have to wash them, just put the dirty ones put back in their crate

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        I would get Susan Gage Catering. She is amazing and really adds a personal touch to all of her events!