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Nov 5, 2007 06:44 AM

Sonoma County... best eating experience < $30 per person?

Anytype of food. Food, Tax, Tip (alcohol not included). What would it be?

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  1. I would HIGHLY recommend Taylor's Refresher in Napa. It's on the main drag where all the big, touristy wineries are and you can't miss it - it's a red and white burger shack. BEST sweet potato fries ever. You can get sweet potato fries, a burger, and a milkshake for less than $30.

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      Thanks... but not exactly Sonoma County... or much value proposition for $30... we can do Osake in Santa Rosa for $30 pp... but want to find something with better value (ratio of Deliciousness + Experience / Price)

    2. Maybe not the top Sonoma County dining experience, but my husband and I are partial to Rin's Thai Restaurant, We've never been disappointed and we've stopped there after wine-tasting, shopping, and we've biked there from Napa.

      1. I swear I saw a recent email about this recently but can't find it. At one time the girl and the fig offered three-course Plats du Jour for $28.00 Sunday - Thursday. While with tax and tip this would throw you slightly above that amount it is still a good deal given the quality of the food.

        They never really publisized it. I saw it on a card on their table and occasionally they will send out an email about it.

        1. Haven't done it yet, but there've been a few reports of the Mayo wine pairings as the best value for a $20 lunch, and that would include alcohol. Jeff Mall of Zin Restaurant is chef for the Healdsburg tasting room.

          disclaimer: Jeff Mayo is a friend.

          1. It has become necessary to make reservations, I think, but Santi's Wednesday night 'Locals' offering for $18 is a darn good eating experience. Menu is limited to only several items, but salad IS included. One can stay under $30, even WITH a drink.