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Sonoma County... best eating experience < $30 per person?

Anytype of food. Food, Tax, Tip (alcohol not included). What would it be?

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  1. I would HIGHLY recommend Taylor's Refresher in Napa. It's on the main drag where all the big, touristy wineries are and you can't miss it - it's a red and white burger shack. BEST sweet potato fries ever. You can get sweet potato fries, a burger, and a milkshake for less than $30.

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      Thanks... but not exactly Sonoma County... or much value proposition for $30... we can do Osake in Santa Rosa for $30 pp... but want to find something with better value (ratio of Deliciousness + Experience / Price)

    2. Maybe not the top Sonoma County dining experience, but my husband and I are partial to Rin's Thai Restaurant, http://www.rinsthai.com/. We've never been disappointed and we've stopped there after wine-tasting, shopping, and we've biked there from Napa.

      1. I swear I saw a recent email about this recently but can't find it. At one time the girl and the fig offered three-course Plats du Jour for $28.00 Sunday - Thursday. While with tax and tip this would throw you slightly above that amount it is still a good deal given the quality of the food.

        They never really publisized it. I saw it on a card on their table and occasionally they will send out an email about it.

        1. Haven't done it yet, but there've been a few reports of the Mayo wine pairings as the best value for a $20 lunch, and that would include alcohol. Jeff Mall of Zin Restaurant is chef for the Healdsburg tasting room.

          disclaimer: Jeff Mayo is a friend.

          1. It has become necessary to make reservations, I think, but Santi's Wednesday night 'Locals' offering for $18 is a darn good eating experience. Menu is limited to only several items, but salad IS included. One can stay under $30, even WITH a drink.

            1. Stopped by Bovolo last night for some gelato and noted that it offers a three-course supper for $27. Here's a sample menu,

              Anyone tried the supper offering?

              106 Matheson St, Healdsburg, CA 95448

              Zin Restaurant & Wine Bar
              344 Center St, Healdsburg, CA 95448

              The Girl & The Fig
              110 West Spain, Sonoma, CA 95442

              2097 Stagecoach Road, Suite 100, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

              Fig Cafe
              13690 Arnold Dr, Glen Ellen, CA 95442

              1. I wonder if Dry Creek Kitchen still does its locals special during the week. They had a set menu- no substitutions, but I think it was around $30 and there was no corkage fee if you brought Sonoma County appellation wines. I definitely felt like we got a bargain when we did it.

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                  There was an ad today in the Press Democrat from Dry Creek Kitchen. They are offering on weeknight dinners, Mon- Thurs, a locals set three-course menu pretty much without choices, for $34. Wine pairing add $15, but perhaps they still have their policy of no corkage for Sonoma County appellations. Mon. and Tues. there's live jazz, so you could really feel like you've had an evening out for your money.

                  The ad described the current three courses as minestrone, truffle chicken with potato gratin and spinach, and creme brulee, or warm pear cake.
                  I've left out some restrauntly verbiage, and I don't know if they'll be changing this menu.

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                    Thank you, Oldtimer, I saw the prix fixe for $26, and corkage fee $8. That's great. I didn't see any weekday restrictions of the prix pixe, are there any?

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                      I don't know of any restrictions...same menu daily for lunch and dinner. We get frustrated at places that only serve light lunches. Don't like night driving. Mirepoix is perfect since you can have a really nice meal for $15-20. The entrees with fries are delicious and filling. I'm hooked on the braised sweetbreads. But all the options are good.
                      I've never had the prix fixe but I would support there is some selection possible. You might call first to find out.

                  2. I really like Dela Santini in Sonoma. I had an amazing pork tenderloin there last year. I know people have mixed feelings about the place, but I had a great experience.

                    1. I'm particularly fond of the Black Bear Diner in the town of Sonoma. It's a down home non-touristy place, where local folks bring granny along with the kids. chiliburger or meatloaf anyone?