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Brunch spot on UES for a couple and both sets of parents

I'd love suggestions on a great brunch spot on the UES. My SO and I will be taking both sets of parents. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Sarabeth's - it's a little pricey (but worth it) and you'll definitely need a reservation. If you want something a little more casual, you could go to EJs, which is always good, though there's always a line so you'll want to get there early, and they only take cash.

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      I don't think they take reservations for brunch at Sarabeth's, do they? I always see a big line at the one on Madison. I'm not much help otherwise as I prefer lunch to brunch.

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        There is also a sarabeth's at the Whitney Museum and there isn't usually a wait there.

    2. Atlantic Grill works well for this type of occaision.

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        I second or third Atlantic Grill. They take reservations, treat you well and let you linger for as long as you want.

      2. The Agata & Valentina restaurant at 79th & 1st (across 79th st from the store) is a really nice place for brunch.

        1. I agree with the Agata rec- we go there quite frequently and somehow this is one of the few spots on the UES where you can actually enjoy a nice brunch without being knocked over by crazed brunch crowds and long lines.

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            This restaurant closed! But Eli's is open

          2. I don't know how far up the UES you are... but if in the 80's the York Grill at York and 89th has a lovely brunch on Sundays. Nice atmosphere for "older types", good service, good food. They'll take reservations for 6.

            1. Also like Sarabeth's. Since I'm downtown I usually go to the one in Chelsea Market which is not like the two locations uptown.

              I think Cafe Greco has brunch, since they have a prix fixe dinner. A neighbor turned me on to Cafe Greco (2nd & 71st), good food, consistent, very friendly service, good value. Tends to be a non-trendy, older crowd but I really like it. It's a local, neighborhood kind of place. I've gone there on many a Friday night (because I knew there wouldn't be a scene) and had their grilled octopus.

              1. How about Payard Patisserie at Lex and 74th? I have not personally been, but it is supposed to be great and sounds like it would be suitable for your party.


                1032 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10021

                  1. annies is cute little spot. 3rd @ 78th.

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                      I think the food at Annie's is awful. Another vote for Atlantic Grill.

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                        I agree... Annie's wouldn't be special enough for this occasion.

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                          not only is Annie not special enough, the food is terrible. my vote is for Sarabeth's.

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                            Annie's and Agata and Valentin restaurant are no longer around. I don't care for Sarabeth's restaurant. I like their pastries and jams but do not understand what all the hype is about. I especially don't enjoy the long wait for brunch. I'd love to hear other ideas. Thanks!

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                              So in agreement on Sarabeth's. Directly across Madison Ave. is Pascalou -- very charming, very small & very French. I've had brunch and dinner there many times and you can (must) reserve ahead. Make sure you request the lower level or you might get stuck upstairs where there is zero ambiance. The food is quite good and reasonable. The service can be quirky but the overall experience is very good.

                    2. Felice
                      1st avenue at 64th Street