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Nov 5, 2007 06:24 AM

Looking for quaint, rustic Italian

My boyfriend and I are heading to Toronto for the weekend and are looking for good Italian food in a quaint, rustic, cozy atmosphere. Suggestions?

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  1. Try Terroni on West Queen West. I don't know if I'd call it quaint - but it's rustic and cozy. Plus it has great pizzas (best thin crust in T.O. according to this board) and lovely salads.

    720 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J1E8, CA

    1. for a family-run place, Quattro Regazze. for a more wide-ranging discussion. More of it will probably tell you where you don't want to go.

      Happy hunting.

      1. Grano on Yonge might work for you. Very rustic room, good food, wide selection of antipasti you can choose from as well.

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          I second the Grano recommendation. I have been to Quattro 4 Raggazze, and while it is good in many respects, it just doesn't have the same atmosphere. Grano has an excellent antipasti bar, it feels more Italian, and I highly recommend the white chocolate, raspberry tart for dessert. Also, Terroni can be excellent, but it strikes as a little too bustling and edgy.

            1. re: Fwagra

              Plus, it's in a fun area, with lots of little shops, if that's worth anything...

        2. How about the Kit Kat Italian Bar & Grill?

          Kit Kat
          297 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1J5, CA

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          1. re: JamieK

            I've heard mixed reviews about the food - your opinion?

            1. re: wolfdiablo

              Kit Kat atmosphere is fun, fun fun. Food is middling to dire.

              1. re: Mila

                What about Marcello's on St. Clair West at Dufferin. Good pizza and pasta selection, cozy atmosphere (depending where you sit - there is a wood-fired oven in the back) and you can order most dishes as half orders and split things, as I recall. Not downtown though.

                1. re: tartetatin

                  Anybody been to Marcello's who can give a recent review? I haven't been in several years...

                  1. re: foodiemommy

                    I have been only to Marcellos new location outside of Vaughan Mills, and have been many times in the last several months. The food is very fresh, I have always had great food. Soups are good, specials are interesting. It is simple Italian food, made to order, pretty quickly so there are no risottos on the menu. There are antipasti, pizza, pasta, and some mains. They make a WONDERFUL and light homemade tiramisu; all their other desserts they buy (such as LaRocca cakes, etc). In the many times that I have eaten there, I have had just one underwhelming meal which was a seafood pasta; the pasta was too aldente, not well seasoned, and the sauce was a bit liquid, fish was not bad but not great. That seems to be a one off because I have had it after that and it was very good.

                    1. re: icey

                      I used to eat at the Marcellos on St. Clair regularly many years ago. I was at the Marcellos at Vaughan Mills once last year and the pizza was not nearly as good as it was at the original location. Now I haven't been to the original location in years, so I don't know if it is still good. However, it used to be great. The pizza at the new location wasn't bad, just not great.
                      The best part of the meal at the new Marcello's was the salad - I think it's called the Marcello house salad. Simple but good.
                      Also, both locations don't strike me as cozy. The old location could be considered quaint, I suppose. Busy and noisy in it's heyday. The new location is very big and bright, if I remember correctly and not "romantic" in my opinion (if you need atmosphere to create romance.

                      1. re: pescatarian

                        I agree with your sentiment. I go to the St Clair Marcellos five or six times a year. I really like their pizza and their pasta is pretty good. Their wine list is basic. If anything it's more of a downscale trat.

                        I would not describe Marcellos as rustic, quaint, cozy or romantic--especially on a weekend night, when it's full. The tables are close together. Some are too close to the line of people waiting to sit down. On weekends it's a great place to go and chit chat with a few friends or with your family. They handle small children well. There are always some in the restaurant for the early dinner rush. During the weekend it is a little quieter.

              2. re: wolfdiablo

                It's been a while. I don't remember the food being awful. But it was more the atmosphere that stuck in my mind.

              3. re: JamieK

                KitKat.... good atmosphere, utterly forgetable food.

              4. - Second the Terroni rec, and Yum's description is apt. It can feel a little close and busy, but the food is great, and you won't be bankrupt.
                - I liked The Big Ragu... probably cozy-er and slightly more romantic.
                - Two others come to mind... Five Doors North used to have great food with a very fun, even kinda sexy atmosphere... and I have had good experiences at La Bruscetta, which has more of an old world feel, but still casual and cozy... however it's been a while since I've been to either of these spots, so you might want to do more investigating on these two.