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Nov 5, 2007 06:04 AM

Terrapin Rhinebeck review

I am not a big complainer but we ate at Terrapin in Rhinebeck Sat night, I was very dissappointed. The service was horrible. We arrived a little early and were having a drink at the bar and the hostess forgot about us. The waiter did the bare minimum. Then my husbands pork chop came RAW inside. We told the waiter and he brought both our meals back to the kitchen but did not even apologize. When he brought them back out, my husbands was cooked but now mine was cold. They heated it up for me but of course nuked it so the cheese bread whihc came with my entree was now soggy. Then I was eating about 5 minutes and a busboy asked me if I was done and I said no(since I was still eating after 5 min) and he gave me a snotty look.

The menu items were interesting and we are big eaters but the portions were ridiculous-they could have fed 3 people, we always finish our meal and neither of us could.

I was so excited to try this place, I will not be returning.

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  1. Four of us had lunch there on a Sunday last month, (GiGi's was not serving at the time) none of us were impressed.

    1. I have eaten there a few times - food has always been excellent, but there are ALWAYS service issues. After awhile it gets old, and there are many so other great places to go in the Hudson Valley. However, I am surprised to hear that the food was sub-par, I have never had any problem food-wise. I hope they can pull it together, because it is nice menu and a lovely place, otherwise.

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        With the exception of an order of calamari with an interesting dipping sauce the food was really not good.

      2. Well, I guess I am going to a different Terrapin than you guys. I have dined there maybe 7-8 times and each time has been a wonderful experience. The service is slow, but so what? The dining room is beautiful and the food is well prepared and always delicious. If you are going to make an evening of it, service is no problem. The menu is varied and inviting.

        1. We were looking forward to our meal at Terrapin in Rhineback this past Friday - but I have to say I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The location/building is interesting - they did a nice job renovating an old church. The food - sounding good in the menu - was mediocre. The service was terrible. The waiter was haughty and uppity, and acted as if he was a CEO too busy to spend time with the likes of us. Not sure what he was in a hurry for, because it sure wasn't to take care of his tables. We asked multiple times to have additional bread brought to the table before we finally gave up. We were never asked if we wanted addtional wine or drinks. When we asked if there were any specials his stock answer was "EVERYTHING is special" - something we overheard him deliver to each of the tables nearby us. Well, the service definitely wasn't special. Knowing him, he probably thought our very low tip was a reflection of our tipping style, not because his performance didn't merit even that amount. I was tempted to say something to the hostess on the way out, but got the sense that they probably wouldn't care. A real disappointment.

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            we must have had the same waiter! I agree with your review 200%

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              Next time try Starr Place across the street. We had lunch there last week and it was excellent. If you like beer, try the Dogfish Head Raison d'Etre on tap, it's wonderful.

            2. The original comment has been removed