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Nov 5, 2007 05:53 AM

How do you manage your recipe copies?

I print out recipes (from the internet) on 8.5 x 11 paper and I've got a stack more than 2" thick. I've yet to file them in my loose leaf binder (complete with subject tabs) because I don't have a 3-hole punch.

It's a flippin' mess and everytime I have to find something, I have to shuffle paper for 5 minutes looking for it.

Yes, the easy thing would be for me to bring a 3-hole punch home from work, but maybe there's a better way that works for other people.

Any ideas?


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  1. um, you answered your own question...get a hole punch.

    1. "a better way that works for other people"

      I bought my own three hole punch. I think that's better than filching office supplies. Since it has taken you so long to bring it hone where you actually need to use it, imagine how hard it will be to return to where you don't really need it.

      Before I acquired one, I punched holes in the paper with a ball point pen. You also can get single hole punches at the dollar store.

      Before I started my own recipe book, I just slid them into the appropriate section of somebody else's cook book.

      1. scan them, then title them so you can sort electronically. and if you :borrow: that punch, don't forget to return it! ;-) (just go get one at staples.!!)

        now ask me if i have scanned mine yet.....
        hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ha

        1. Why not buy three hole punched paper to print on. Or do as I do and save the recipes in "Notepad" files and print them as you need them. Mine usually get wet and smeared during the prep so I just throw it out and print a new one when needed.

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          1. re: Eric in NJ

            love that idea. how do you save in "notepad"? (please mods, let us get info here!)

            1. re: alkapal

              I just copy and paste then save thefile to a folder called recipies. Nothing complicated. Inside the recipe folder I create folders for different catagories and sort the recipies to the proper folder.

              1. re: Eric in NJ

                That's what I do too... when I print them out I slip each into a 3-holed plastic archival sleeve. (2 can fit back-to-back.)
                The recipes don't get messy in the kitchen.

                I have a small file cabinet where the print outs are stored categorically.

                1. re: Gio

                  I started doing that but got lazy. I keep meaning to resume.

          2. I do the 3-ring binder thing, but I use the 3-ring plastic protector sheets into which the 8.5x11" pages slip. So you not only don't have to punch, the plastic protects the paper from spatters and other kitchen hazards while you're cooking.


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            1. re: tubman

              I second that recommendation. I also have different binders for different types of recipes - cakes and frostings in one, cookies, bars and brownies in another, etc.

              1. re: punkin712

                I third that recommendation, but I only do it for the recipes that I have tried, liked, and will try again. Takes up less space. I keep all the others in the computer in my folders which I can print out when I want to try them,if I like it, it goes into my book, otherwise I dump it and delete it from the computer.

              2. re: tubman

                I also put mine in the 3 ring binder, inside plastic protector sheets. I have some recipes on index cards that are old, and some that are clipped from mags, or paper, so I tape those onto a blank sheet of paper, organizing by category, and use the front and back of the paper. Then I bought some over sized index tabs to separate the different courses. But now I have so many that the binder is busting! I'll have to use punkin712's suggestion about different binders for different types! Thanks!