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Whisky with a taste of iodine

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Hello -

Tried a couple of single malts recently for the first time. The ones I gravitated towards had a slight iodine taste. It was kind of intriguing. Anyone tell me which distillers are kown for having this taste in their whisky?


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  1. Iodinie usually goes along with the smoke and medicinal tastes typical of Islay Scotch. Laphroaig is probably the most iodine and medicinal of the malts.

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    1. That peaty, iodine-y tast is ususally associated with Islay ("eye-luh") malts.

      Try Laphroig, Lagavullin, or Bowmore. There are others that are more obscure, but these are the onles yo are most likely to find, especially the first 2.

      1. my vote goes for caol ila. although less well known than some, it's in widely available in the usa now. never call it an iodine taste to a distiller, they hate that description! (even though it fits)

            1. The strongest iodine component I've ever tasted was in an older (16-year?) Laphroaig that was served at a tasting many years ago. It was too much for me, bringing to mind Band-Aids and plastic pool toys. But if you're really into that style, and if they still bottle it, it may be worth a try.

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                Wholeheartedly agree with what has been said. You are tasting the peatiness of the sctoch's made from Islay and I would say the peatiest (is that a word?) would have to be Laphroaig, followed by Bowmore. Talisker, for me, has the right level of peatiness and is excellent. I still remember my first encounter with single-malt scotch was a 10 yr. old Laphroaig, BAM! quite an introduction it was!

              2. Look up "iodine" in the dictionary: that illustration is a picture of the 16-year old Lagavullin.

                1. Try Ledaig. My new found best friend. Great iodine and a really long finish. Drink it slowly and savor the goodness.