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Nov 5, 2007 05:29 AM

Looking for a Bakery that has Cardamon Bread?

Hi All

Leads on bakeries that sell cardamon bread would be greatly appreciated. I'd prefer a four walls shop in Brooklyn or Manhattan but, I am willing to travel or order on line for a taste of that rich mildly sweet bread.



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  1. A recipe for cardamom bread has been splitt to the Home Cooking board:

    1. Is this a yeast bread or a quick bread? I have a recipe for a cardamom quick bread and will post it on the Home Cooking board if appropriate...just trying to help!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Nordic Delicacies in Bay Ridge has cardamom rolls. They're at 3rd Ave and Bay Ridge Ave.

          1. Thanks to all for.

            I have not been on line in a while so this is my first chance to follow up on my question.

            The Cardamon bread that I’ve experienced has always been the yeast type and the link to the recipe is greatly appreciated.

            Val, please share your quick bread recipe. I’m not much of a baker but, I’d be willing to try both versions of this bread. I like all forms/textures of bread and I’m really longing for the cardamon flavor and aromatic experience.

            Blumpo; thanks for hooking me up with a bakery in my area. I’m will check them out this weekend so I can get my fix to fortify for the kitchen experimentation to come.

            I’m salivating in anticipation!!!



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              I'm totally aghast that I did not answer your request!!! Val! Val! Wake UP!!! LOL...glad the thread was bumped...well, you may not still need the recipe anymore but here it is...Sour Cream Cardamom Apple Bread: