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Nov 5, 2007 04:26 AM

Thanksgiving dinner-to-go in Tampa

Looking for a good place that sells Thankgiving dinners. Publix offeres this service but I never had their turkey and am not sure if it will be good. Any suggestions?

PS. Already considered Picadilly's, Castellanos in South Tampa and Bsoton Market.

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  1. Wild Oats does T'giving dinner to go, as does Wright's Gourmet, a perennial local favorite. Don't know if Pane Rustica would do it, but you could call and ask.

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    1. re: Miss E

      Wrights looks great! I will drop by this weekend and try out some of their foods items.
      Thanks for the help.

      BTW. Any places that do a good job at smoking turkeys?

      1. re: payochi

        Whaley's on S. Howard *might* smoke turkeys--not sure. Good luck!

        1. re: payochi

          Alex's Barbecue on W. Village Dr. will smoke your turkey. A friend has it done there every year and loves it.

      2. In this link it looks like you can get a great Thanksgiving dinner to go from Mise en place

        1. Ok. i appologize for not updating this. Last year I went to my local BBQ joint for lunch and in conversation with the cook he mentioned he would be busy the day before thanksgiving smoking turkeys. it seems like he does that every year for family and friends and sometimes for customers.
          So the deal is take ur own turkey a week in advance and they will have it ready the day before or the day off IF you are willing to travel to them. Only thing you need to do is tip the cook..and be generous as the turkey will be extremely delicious.
          The place is "Mike's Southern Classic BBQ‎" at 7117 N US Highway 301, Tampa, FL - (813) 626-5222‎

          This year the inlaws will be hosting thanksgiving in Melbourne.

          Mike's Smokehouse B-B-Q & Grill
          7117 N US Highway 301, Tampa, FL

          1. Flamestone Grill in Oldsmar is offering a Rotisserie Turkey dinner to go. $85 for a "feast for 8." They are also offering all items a la carte.

            1. I want to try and to buy a decent size deep fried turkey!
              Never had a D/F toykey before...