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Nov 5, 2007 04:20 AM

cheapest place to buy organic/antiobiotic free meat.

I'm looking to stock up on organic meat and poultry. Where do you think has the best prices? Whole foods? Fresh Direct? Greenmarket? Thanks.

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  1. trader joe's prices are pretty cheap

    1. I buy all my meat at Gramercy Butcher (22nd and third) It aint cheap. My problem with WHole food, and Trader Joes and places like that is that they routinely have "natural" and antiiotic free" poultry and beef, but not Free range organic which in my mind tastes better and is actually organic. Also Antero at Gramercy is a real butcher and WHile WHole foods might have a real butcher somewhere the folks behind the counter have routinely not been able to give me exactly what I want.

      Fresh Direct has an organic meat category but they don't actually stock any organic meat except I think chopped meat. (which I think is a lot safer if ground to order so I would never buy it there anyway)