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Nov 5, 2007 12:02 AM

Favorite Lunch Buffet in NOVA?

Mr. alka has plenty of food in the fridge, but he doesn't want THAT! No, he wants to go to a lunch buffet. What is your favorite place with quality food? (obviously, you are a hound!)

Also, while searching "buffet", found a post on Well Being Seafood Buffet in Arnnandale. Anything new on that place?

And while you're here, any recommendations on a good Indain DINNER buffet in Arlington/Alexandria/Annandale/Falls Church area? (NOT Delhi Dhaba)
(We love Raaga on Rte. 7 for their lunch buffet.)

Last, is your favorite buffet open on Mondays?

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  1. I don't know if they do a dinner buffet, but Mayuri in Reston has a very good lunch buffet. Minerva (at least in Herndon) does a lunch buffet, but I'm pretty sure they don't do dinner. Minerva has the Fairfax location, too.

    Mayuri Indian Cusane
    2316 Hunters Woods Plz, Reston, VA 20191

    1. I went to the Matusake sushi lunch buffet one day for some sushi. It isn't bad since I live close by, but I don't know that I would drive out of my way for it.

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        1. If Raaga is within your radius of eating operations, nearby is Malibu Grill (Brazilian BBQ), Bamboo Buffet (Chinese), Great American (Americana), and Lucky 3 (Dim Sum). My favorite is Bamboo Buffet for the value and variety. There are also pizza buffets next to Raaga and by Great American, but I avoid carb feasts.

          Down 395 at the Little River Turnpike exit is Hee Been. They serve a stellar buffet but it's like $16.95 if I remember correctly.

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            The pizza buffet next to Raaga (Joe's) is no more but Raaga definitely has a buffet for lunch, but I believe not for dinner. The former pizza place next door is now Le Coco Rico, YACP (yet another chicken place). Cece's is all you can stand mediocre pizza in the same shopping center as Great American Grease Pit. I tend to think of Giant Food, Burlington Coat Factory, or World Market as the landmarks there.

          2. 1. Todai (in Fairfax) offers an excellent Japanese seafood buffet for both lunch and dinner (365 days a year). Don't be put off by the fact that this restaurant is part of a world-wide chain or that it is located in Fair Oaks Mall. It's probably the best place in the Washington area to be exposed to the full scope of the popular (as opposed to the gourmet) food of Japan.

            2. Minerva (in Fairfax) offers an excellent Indian buffet for lunch (7 days a week). Unlike most Indian restaurants in the Washington area, this restaurant offers a very wide range of Indian dishes, including South Indian vegetarian and Chinese-Indian.

            3. Saravana Palace (in Fairfax) offers an excellent South Indian vegetarian buffet for lunch (7 days a week).

            On weekends, all three restaurants are usually overcrowded and filled with many extended Asian families that always seem to include some out-of-control children. (At Minerva and Saravana Palace, you may be the only non-Indian customer -- that is, if you're not Indian.) Go for the excellent food, not for the ambiance.

            I'm not a fan of the Well Being Seafood Buffet in Annandale. Although it's Korean-run, rather than Japanese-run, it has a lot in common with Todai -- and suffers by comparison. Furthermore, if you really prefer Korean to Japanese, the Ill Mee Buffet Restaurant in Annandale is, in my opinion, a much better choice for Korean buffet.

            Todai Fairfax
            11750L Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, VA

            Minerva Indian Cusine
            10364 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA

            Saravana Palace
            11725 Lee Hwy, Fairfax, VA 22030

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              I drove out to Saravana Palace for a weekday lunch and found it underwhelming and far short of the hype.

              I've been to Minerva once on a weekday and often on the weekends. Tyler Cowen claims, probably correctly, that the food is most authentically seasoned on the weekends, when the natives come to eat.