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Nov 4, 2007 10:23 PM

Near North Ealing tube?

I'll be staying near the North Ealing tube station on my visit to London next week. I haven't been in this neighborhood before, so I am looking for any chowish recommendations nearby. From my reading so far it sounds like Ealing is a good area for both Japanese and Polish cuisines. The Polish sounds particularly inviting since, unlike Japanese, we have very little of that in the San Francisco Bay area. Pubs with good food are always welcome, as are Indian and South Asian recommendations. Thanks for any assistance!


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  1. Maybe this website will have names that match forthcoming recommendations. My only friend in that areas has moved to St. Petersburg, and we've lost touch. If nothing else, you'll have some reading and an idea of what's around.

    1. I used to live out there and it's a bit of a wasteland. There's a decent neighbourhood Italian restaurant which does nice pizzas and pastas but it's very neighbourhood-y and not really a destination.
      Haven't been into the pub in ages but it was very mediocre.
      If you walk down Hangar Lane to the common there's a pub just there -- think it's called The Grange -- and it's fairly charming and had decent food.
      My suggestion would be to get on the Tube and go into town.

      1. Go to Southhall and behold all that is Punjabi. Check my Southhall post for a recc of restaurants. Don't go to the one I went to.

        1. Re pubs, the best in that area are the Grange and the Red Lion; although the former is about 2/3 mile from North Ealing station and the latter about a mile. Both do good food.

          1. Ealing is not to far from the suburb of Chiswick which is becoming quite a good place for food.

            There is The Devonshire (a new Gordon Ramsey gastropub), La Trompette (a fine dining restaurant) , and High Road Brasserie (part of the Soho House group - good food/people watching). It also has a stretch of river by Kew Bridge which has some OK pubs. across the bridge is Kew Green with some more pubs and restaurants - very close to the Kew Botanic Gardens.

            You are quite close to Southall so head there if you want good Indian food (Brilliant or Madhus).

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              Thanks to all for the recommendations and advice. I have an Oyster card and do plan to use it. I've had a fine meal at Sam's in Chiswick, but haven't tried the places listed here. Getting to Chiswick and more central locations is easy, but getting to Southall by transit seems a bit complicated for this trip. The pubs sound great so I hope to check them out.

              High-end Indian might be my big splurge this trip. The owner of our best local Indian restaurant gave me a list of places he thinks I'll really like, based on his last visit.


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                Southhall is one extremely easy bus from N Ealing. It's like 20 mins max.