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Nov 4, 2007 08:37 PM

Does Anybody Know the name of the diner near Mrs. G's on route one in Lawrence?

I know what it was, My Dad worked there and we have the rice pudding recipe! Tell us your stories as the sad plastill sits there.....

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  1. Was that the Trent ? I spent my first 25 years in Lawrence and remember a few diners in the area. There was a Clarksville Diner too, but I think that was a little farther north where they built Quakerbridge Mall.

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    1. re: BCjr

      Are you referring to Michael's Diner?

      1. re: punkin712

        I think Michael’s is correct. This got me thinking. Where on Route 1 was Swift’s Colonial Diner? Is it still there? If not, what’s in its place? I went to ND with Jamie Swift, who I believe was the diner owner’s daughter. She was married to Mike Thoma who also went to ND and I believe died in his twenties in a tragic motorcycle accident in Florida.

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          The Colonial got taken down just a couple of years ago, they sat on route one in front of Mercer Mall, they had the best coconut cream pie I ever ate their and banana cream as well, I worked there ~DEB

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          No, it's not Michael's, which is catty-corner from Mrs G's, next to the Howard Johnson's motel. The hulk of the diner in question is still there, just south of Mrs G's. It was recently used for plumbing supplies or some such. Here's a link to a picture:

      2. Okay peeps it was called Casses and my dad worked there when he was a kid the Trent is down toward the circle and is called the Crystal diner now, I worked there when the Trent and lived on Graff Ave a block away!!!!! The Clarksville's long gone but the poor Casses still sits abandoned and Mrs G wont sell it, I know, I've asked. There was also Diggums down near the Colonial bowling alley and the lake. I'll come up with some other good trivia soon, this is soooo fun!!!DEB

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          Any recs about the Golden Dawn on Quakerbridge?

          1. re: MoxieBoy

            They have good food, their fries are delicious and I like their turkey but will wait awhile for that!!!!lolo

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              Golden Dawn: Typical diner food. I always find the vegetables soggy or swimming in grease even when I ask for no butter. Breakfasts are excellent. I'd much rather go to Mastoris on 130 in Bordentown.