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Nov 4, 2007 06:44 PM

PHX: Willo House Coffee - CLOSED

I passed by Willo House(3rd Av/McDowell) last week and noticed it was dark, as in closed, and all of the outdoor furniture was gone. Fast forward to tonight when we came home from a long weekend out of town, and there's now a FOR LEASE sign up.

Anyone have the scoop on this one?

I have visions of cute little bistros dancing in my head, but I suppose I should pause for a moment of silence out of respect for the little grungey(emphasis on grungey) coffeehouse that could.

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  1. It's been reported on various blogs. Expect a reopening at 17th Ave. and Van Buren.

    1. According to the owners, they moved/are moving to a new location near 17th Avenue and Van Buren. They said the owner of the old building they were in didn't want to put money into it to fix it up and they were tired of spending their own money to keep the place going.

      The New Times blog by Michele Laudig had a quick piece on it.

      1. Thank you for the info, gentlemen.

        We TRIED to like the plce, really we did. But it just never seemed clean. We just returned from a weekend in Portland and there were some great independent coffee spots. Spotless, all of them. I know you could order food at Willow, but there was no way I ever would.

        The funny thing is, there were a lot of cars parked on our street - even a band's bus, last weekend. I didn't realize that was the farewell gig referenced in the New Times piece.

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        1. re: mamamia

          I thought the Willow House was nice when it first opened, but in recent years Lux, Copper Star, Royal Coffee Bar, etc. have all been more appealing. Let's hope the new location reinvigorates Willow House.

          1. re: silverbear

            Let's hope so -- the food, the coffee and the service at Willow House were poor -- the building was the redeeming virtue. I hope it is recycled to a better use.

            1. re: misohungrychewlow

              as late as this reply is, i think it should be said that the redeeming quality of willow IS (not past tense...that didn't die with the move) in fact the community and homeyness surrounding the area.. not the building it was in, you wouldn't have liked the building if it didn't have art.. that is what made it interesting for so many years. that's why you came back

              so given that i have the audacity to say this, from all the artists in the area, you're welcome.

        2. Update: I've been watching the rennovation progress over the months at the old Willow House. Lots of interior work, new paint, new setup for an improved patio, etc.

          There's a sign on the front window this week:
          COMING SOON

          please be good, please be thoughtful of the people who live in the neighborhood, please be clean, please be friendly

          * I wonder if the added W to WilloW was intentional, based on the former occupants.

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            1. re: mamamia

              "Please be good." That's what I think every time I drive by. Despite being pro-local, pro-indie, etc. I've gotta admit that I rarely patronized the former Willow House, even though I work right down the street. I'm hoping the new place is worth frequenting.

              And sorry to be contradictory, but the new one is "Willo," no extra "w." I double-checked today. The old one had the "w" on the end, tho', yes?