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Nov 4, 2007 06:04 PM

Edible bowl for serving lobster bisque?

Would anyone have any suggestions for an edible bowl for serving lobster bisque? I was looking online and it seemed as if perhaps a Yorkshire pudding could work, though I'm still unclear as to whether you can safely/successfully fill something like Yorkshire pudding with something like a bisque. I'd love any suggestions for an edible serving "thing", except perhaps those for a typical bread bowl, or those recommending a puff pastry box/bowl, as I am researching this recipe for a friend who wants to try something new, and he's already gone the purchased, puff pastry box route. Thanks in advance!

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  1. A bread bowl is what immediately came to mind, but I'm wondering if corn meal can somehow work here. If the cornmeal is thick enough, and baked, it can be probably hold up pretty well.

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      Hmm, I'll have to look into this idea as it is very interesting and different than anything I have been able to think of thus far. Thanks!

      1. re: Laura D.

        Laura D, if you really want to show off your culinary wild side you can try acorn squash or cantaloupe as your serving vessel as well.

        Peel the cantaloupe though and see if the flavors marry well -- worth a try.

        Image 1 Acorn squash bowl:

        Image 2 Cantaloupe bowl:

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          Hi Cheese Boy,

          The only "vessels" I could think of involved squash, but I figured I too off base to even consider this, so I pushed the idea from your mind. However, since you've suggested it too perhaps it is worth testing, as I think it would work great. Thanks for the suggestion!

    2. I think the soup would seep too much into the yorkshire pudding. Did it work for him in the puff pastry box?

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        As far as I know the pastry box was able to hold a mushroom bisque which I think wasn't much different in consistency than the lobster bisque would be. I unfortunately didn't see it in person so I'm not sure how it went, but since the pastry boxes were store purchased and apparently "designed" with the idea of holding a liquid, they might have been sturdier than something homemade would have been.

        I have never made yorkshire pudding so I'll definitely err on the side of caution and trust anyone who isn't sure that it will work for this purpose. Thanks!

      2. I've seen bowls made of flour tortillas and also egg roll wrappers. Shape it inside two colanders and deep fry.

        1. I think a pumpkin or some other gourd would make a nice presentation. Though it of course would be more solid raw, I think if it were roasted until just tender it might work as a good bowl if you do in fact want to eat it. I would fear tortillas would wilt, and Yorkshire pudding would go soggy. It would, of course, be delicious on the side.

          My first though was of course a bread bowl, because that's what I would want for myself.

          1. I've been served some kind of bisque (can't remember if it was lobster or shrimp) in a roasted miniature pumpkin, with the reserved top as a lid, and it worked beautifully. The interior was soft enough to eat and, once the level of the soup had gone down a bit, we added scrapings from the inside to each spoonful of soup. It was quite marvelous. Can't see why the same wouldn't work with a small acorn or any other type of squash - as long as you slice off a tiny bit at the bottom to make sure it stands up straight to hold the soup.

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              It sounds like this might be the way to go. I think the only thing holding us back would be the question of how the flavors would marry, but since it sounds as if you had a similar flavored bisque and it was delicious, we should experience the same results. Thanks!