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Is Wish still good in South Beach?

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Went there several years ago and liked it. Nice atmosphere. Is it still a good place to go?

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  1. was it ever? if anything, it's gotten less play as of late...a lot less.

    1. ugh! When they served marshmellow fluff with Fois Gras I gave up. Never again.

      1. ehhh I would never go back....went with 6 friends had the chickpea fried ravioli it was ok but pretty much fried hummus on some greens..best part was the sweet ginger dressing on it...the place smelled fishy so I should have known not to order the fish...it was horrible..fish was horribly fishy and soggy eggplant under neath tasted like airplane food..dessert was nothing special...waste of a meal in southbeach...only thing good was the wine..I would go anywhere else

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          I've had great food at Wish. Try the short ribs or the oxtail - these have always been good.

          It's worth a try, at least for lunch.