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Nov 4, 2007 05:48 PM

How is Amada in Philadelphia?

I am from NYC and I am taking my mom here for her birthday. Wanted to know how Philly chowhounders thoughts on Amada-thanks!

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  1. It's great, you'll enjoy it mightily. If you're going on Wednesday or Friday, they have flamenco dancing.

    1. I tried last week to get a reservation at Amada for 12/ I can get is 9;45 pm!! Is it really worth it....or does anyone have any recommendations for similar tapas. Thanks!

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        Two other good places include Bar Ferdinand and Tinto, though the latter is probably a harder reservation to get than Amada. Ansill is also a small plates place and is excellent, but not Spanish.

      2. I'm also from NYC - I try to go to Amada every time I'm in Philly.
        The last time I went was in January, here's some of what I wrote about it at the time:

        "Lomo Iberico was the charcuterie special . It's the cured loin from Pata Negra, acorn fed pork. It came sliced paper thin and slick with its own juice (read: fat). The meat wasn't excessively fatty or greasy, there was just enough to add texture and flavor to the meat. I've never heard of cured loin, I'll have to look for it in the future. The Lomo came with slices of bread. I dont know why. It would have been an affront to that gloriously tasty, acorn-fed pig that gave its life that I might sup on its loin.

        Clams and Chorizo served in an oniony, herby broth with a rich clam flavor. After I finished it, I soaked up the broth with the bread that came with the lomo. "

        We also had a fantastic order of Pernil, tasty baby squid and so-so lamb meatballs served in a great sauce.

        The full post is here:


        1. Amada is great! You should definitely check it out.......Only one problem, too difficult a decision on what to order. Everything seems so tempting. Great way to dine is to get the chef's tasting menu. Enjoy!

          1. amada's good, as is bar ferdinand (and unlike amada, you won't need a reservation at BF). however neither compare to jaleo in DC, for me personally - but that's for my own reasons. jaleo had a huge vegetarian menu - whereas amada and bar ferdinand both really lack in choices.

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              Jaleo in DC is completely irrelevant to the discussion - Amada is consistently excellent, and provides very good value for your $. Their pernil is the best I have tasted. The clams and chorizo is also very good - I went crazy for the broth. I would love to get a group of 6 together for the whole roast pig. Take the 9:45 reservation, basiaG, you won't regret it