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Nov 4, 2007 05:21 PM

Chowhound recs in Quincy, IL for those interested

Quincy gets very little coverage but after being home visiting my parents (I only get back a few times a year) I wanted to let people know about a great new place to eat and some others I highly recommend.

Common Grounds is a new place on 12th St. just east of the downtown. Lovely space, feels like an urban university-type eatery (I am from Champaign now). Open for lunch during the week, breakfast/brunch on weekend and dinner I believe Th/Fri/Sat. Chef and wife ran a restaurant in Santa Barbara I think, and he was personal chef to the Governor of Oregon. The brunch menu today was lovely, and the place was full. Had a nice bohemian vibe to the place. I had an egg sandwich with prosciutto, cheddar, and toppings, along with seasoned potatoes. Call for hours though. Highly recommended.

Other new things: A sushi place (Sho-mi Sushi sp?) is opening or has opened on Washington Square downtown (site of one of the most famous Lincoln-Douglas debates.)Additionally, around the corner from the sushi place a European bakery is about to open, not sure of name.

Other fine choices: Busy Bistro, contemporary American, chef former at La Tache in Chicago. In a lovely former mercantile store.

In an old hotel, The Patio. Great chops and steaks. time-warp atmosphere, but been around from decades.

Great Italian on 3rd Street, near the river and in downtown:

Regional American cuisine at the Pier, with a beautiful view of the cable-stayed bridge crossing the Mississippi to MO:

Jorge the Crook's is upscale American cuisine on Hampshire, around the corner from Tiramisu. $20-30 range for steaks, other things slightly less. No site I know of. Nice space.

Hope this helps someone!

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  1. Thank you for the recommendations. I get to Quincy once in awhile.

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      You are welcome. I should also add that there are the usual Thai, Chinese, and Mexican choices along Broadway, as well as the usual suspects of Applebee's, Ruby Tuesday and TGIF, as well as Starbucks. Things there are a lot better than they used to be. :)

    2. Stayed overnight in Quincy 2 years ago and randomly picked going to dinner at The Pier. A very enjoyable meal including a short chat with the chef who likes to use fresh, local products. The restaurant is on top of one of the old bridge piers and has a great view of the Mississippi and the very cool new bridge.

      1. Just verifying that Sho Mi Sushi is now open; it serves both lunch and dinner Mon - Sat.

        Besides sushi, they do bento boxes, udon bowls, and other Japanese food. We had bento boxes, with shumai and broiled squid as appetizers. The broiled squid was a highlight - cooked without a trace of rubberiness.

        Service was friendly.

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        1. re: Doug

          Sad to say Common Grounds is closed or will be closing, the chef has to return to Oregon for whatever reason. Glad to hear the sushi joint is decent.