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Nov 4, 2007 05:15 PM

Going to Copenhagen, any suggestions?

Does anybody know any good places to eat in Copenhagen? We are heading there this week for the first time.

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  1. learn to love herring and aquavit and get hip to the salted licorice - sorry - no specific restuarants here...just my 2 cents - have a great time~

    1. Check out some guide-books for places to get smorrebrod (the open-faced sandwiches). They are amazing (I recall the norm is to order one fish, one cheese, and one meat sandwich and to wash them down with a beer) and something you won't find in any other country.

      Also, the hot dog vendors serve a unique snack (little thin hot dogs and a slice of rye bread) that is unique to Denmark. And the pastry shops are very good.

      There is (or was) also a restaurant lighted only with about 1,000 candles that sounded cool, but I did not make it there last time I was there. I recall it being in an old cave or monestary in Copenhagen.

      Make sure you check out Tivoli and, if not too much of a prude, the Erotic history museum which was, surprisingly, very tasteful and interesting and covered erotic art, literature, etc. from the greeks to the present day.

      1. Be sure to go to Ida Davidsen for lunch. The place is not that expensive, and serves a wide variety of wonderful (and very attractive) open faced sandwiches that taste wonderful. Be sure to make a reservation in advance (you can make reservations on their web site), or you probably will be turned away at the door.

        Restaurant Ida Davidsen
        Store Kongensgade 70
        DK-1264 Copenhagen K
        Tel: 453391 3655 Website

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          I concur about Ida Davidsen's - it's got the best smorgbord in town. I was there in August, having booked by email. You go to the counter and pick your smorgbord then wait with a drink until it comes.If you want additional food, just repeat the process. Wide range of diners there, young people, tourists, business types. It is a bit away from the center of town but near the Hotel D'Ingleterre where we were staying, so it was fine for us.

          1. re: wbarish

            We went to Ida Davidsen last week, mid-afternoon. Though we had no reservations, we got in after calling for possible availability (place was fully booked online). Phenomenal food--ordered from the counter what was on display. Kind of like Danish sushi for me... Terrific friendly service!!

        2. Soren K's has a great prix fixe and fabulous view of the canal. The room is typically spare, modern, Danish style. We watched the sun set while we ate excellent food. Also the restaurants in Tivoli provide a decent experience, although not haute cuisine. And the waterfront area has lots of cafes and choices of cuisine, although again not haute.

          Check out the Art Museum next to Tivoli for concerts. We were able on a Sunday to go to Tivoli, cross over to the museum, go to a concert inside, then return to Tivoli (they will stamp your hand to allow you back in) for the rest of the day.

          If you like sushi, Sushitarian near the D'Angleterre is quite good.

          1. i'm sure you've been and gone, but in case you're reading it...

            the hot dog in the french bread is great. terrible for you, but great. every vendor has 'em.

            Skilpadden for top-your-own sandwiches with very good sausages and cheeses.

            the cafes in the danish design museum and the glyptotek are very good. the glytotek's cafe makes you forget about the outside weather.

            Riz Raz is pretty good, though not "danish" - which is good because most danish food is blech.

            Den Lille Apotek is supposedly the oldest restaurant in CPH and very "hygge"