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Nov 4, 2007 04:54 PM

Dinner Rec Needed for Annapolis Junction

Hello all,

I am looking for a dinner recommendation for a restaurant in the Annapolis Junction area, preferably somewhere between Annapolis Junction and College Park or Riverdale. I would prefer a place with entrees under $20 with Italian, middle eastern or Mexican food. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Pasta Plus in Laurel would likely fit your needs for Italian. Do a search on this board for more info.

    For Maxican, there are multiple options In Riverdale, most of them on Kenilworth, IIRC.

    I can't think of a Middle Eastern option in that vicinity at the moment, but there may be something in College Park in that genre.

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      There's a place called Shish-Ka-Bob on 198 just west of 295. Not fancy at all but tasty and certainly in your budget.

      Pasta Plus is also really good (theyre closed on Mondays if thats relevant)

    2. for Mexican, there is Chevy's in ANrundel Mills, but for better food find Panchia Grill in ODenton (10mins from AJ). DO NOT go to Gringdada in Laurel, new owners lousy food.

      Italian - find LUNA BELLA in Colombia by Hickory Ridge Giant, Freetown Rd.

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        correcting only so that OP can find it in phone book or on-line - I believe it's Pachanga Grill, not Panchia Grill.