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Nov 4, 2007 04:21 PM

Mastro's Steakhouse-Bev. Hills

Hello everyone, to begin I've been to this spot at least 5 times when it first open, eventually gave up to the loudness and other reports people on here have shared.

Last week I dined at the Phoenix, AZ. location and it was amazing, so amazing I'm going to give the Bev. Hills location another shot.

My folks are visiting from out of state so it will be their first time, apart from all the bone in dishes can some regulars such some good appetizers and must have sides?

Thank you,


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    1. re: JeffW

      Steaks are great at Mastro's, but the sides are not great. Those onion rings are particularly terrible. Very bready and not unlike something you would get at Carls Jr. but 5x the cost

    2. The steaks were melt in your mouth delicate and still stand as the best steak I have eaten in LA (note: I still haven't been to Cut yet). Sides were traditional old steak house fare, too much butter and cream didn't keep us from enjoying creamed spinach and mastros mashed potatoes -- the portions were so large we couldn't even finish.
      I was so impressed with the scope of well-priced wines and wish I could remember the name of the california cab which blew me away for around $50.
      If I ate more red meat I'd want to go back again soon.

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      1. re: whycook

        whycook -

        you need to take some wine classes :^)...Mastro's has the most overpriced winelist in the city, and most of the wines are your standard steakhouse fare.

        CUT and PDC have the best lists, as well as the most reasonable markups.

      2. I'm not a big fan of Mastro's, but when I go there with friends who are fans, the thing I enjoy most is the pretzel bread they serve -- I just ask them to bring extra pretzel bread and not bother with the other stuff in the bread basket!

        1. The lobster mashed potatoes are out of control. So good! Mac and cheese was great too, but get the lobster mashed if available. Don't get both...way too rich.

          If Joe's Stone Crabs (flown in from Miami Beach) are available, get some. They're in season right now.

          The cold seafood tower and jumbo prawns were great too.