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Suggestions for Craft?

I'm going on a business dinner tomorrow night at Craft. Any recommendations of what to order? Thanks!

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  1. The ice cream and sorbet sampler :) seriously hehe

    The braised beef short rib is good if they don't overcook it. Diver scallops are good.
    Their first courses are typically pretty good although some are small for the price.


    1. haven't been - but i heard the mushrooms were delicious!

      1. Pork belly
        Duck tongue
        Duck egg
        Foie gras

        None of the desserts we tried were all that memorable, esp. the donuts which were laughably sweet.

        1. The mushrooms are fantastic, as is the gnocchi, for sides. I have also enjoyed the diver scallops, short ribs, the pork belly, and the quail (listed as an appetizer, but actually larger than some entrees). The fois gras appetizer also was pretty decadent.

          The ice creams are good, as is the sauteed peaches (not sure if it is seasonal) and the caramel chocolate torte.

          Everything is served family style so you can order a bunch of things and try them all. If one or two are just okay, you should have enough very good dishes to offset those.

          1. I went last Monday. Everything we had was great. However, the standouts were as follows: (i) Carpaccio with Crispy Oysters; (ii) Roasted octopus; (iii) Venison; (iv) Leek and Duck Confit Risotto.

            1. The donut with the thyme-infused glaze.

              1. I loved the grits and the shortribs. Our waiter said the roasted octopus was one of the best dishes there but I thought it was just okay and I didn't taste any of chorizo that was supposed to be in the dish. Sablefish was moist and flavorful. We loved most of what we ordered, but I was a bit distracted as we were seated near Tom Hanks and my dinner companion thought it was funny to keep stage whispering Wilson! and Forrest Gump quotes. I forgave him because he was the birthday boy, but needless to say I was shrinking in my seat.

                1. The foie gras, potato gratin, the donuts and the olive oil gelato.

                  I didn't find the donuts that sweet. I guess it can be if you dip it into one of the three sauces on the plate, but I found them good enough by itself. Not at all sweet like the glazed krispy kreme (yuck).

                  1. I loved the braised corn and the potatoes gratin.

                    1. Went on Friday - it was fabulous!

                      The standouts for me were: NY Steak, Brussel Sprouts & Bacon, Gnocchi.

                      1. any of the veggie sides.

                        my favorites include : mushrooms, baby carrots, corn. and artichokes

                        I also like the beet salad to start and the Hamachi with Ginger.

                        all the deserts are great so save room!

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                          Thanks for all the great suggestions! I had the venison and it was fabulous! The gnocchi were also amazing.