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Nov 4, 2007 03:48 PM

Pittsburgh, fine dining, jeans?

We're coming to Pittsburgh for the Springsteen concert next week. I'm perusing restaurant choices from this board. Can we eat at Nine on Nine, Kaya, Eleven or Lidia's without having to change clothes?

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  1. Kaya, definitely. Bar Nine (adjacent to Nine on Nine), definitely. Others can speak for the rest.

    1. Kaya is casual. Lidia's I think is okay with that as well. Not sure what it would be like at the other two. Kaya is also the farthest away, heh.

      1. You'll be fine at Lidias and probably can get away with jeans at Eleven. You may want to throw a nice jacket or sweater on for dinner and then toss it for the show.

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          I've been to Kaya, Eleven, and Lidia's with jeans on, you shouldn't have a problem.

        2. Casual attire is acceptable at all of the restaurants you mentioned, especially on a night where restaurants will be expecting the pre/post concert crowds.

          1. I've personally been to Nine on Nine (and Bar Nine) wearing jeans at both, was at Nine on Nine on a Friday evening, too.

            Also, have been to Eleven for the tavern menu (a little more casual than the restaurant part) wearing jeans and also in the restaurant, although it was early in the evening on a weeknight, wearing jeans.

            Hope this helps!
            As far as Lidia's, I was there only for lunch, and the attire of the crowd was mixed.