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French Speaking Waitstaff at a French Restaurant/Brasserie?

I'm looking for a French Restaurant (not too expensive) that has a French-speaking wait-staff. Any suggestions?

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  1. What about Raoul's or Chez Jacqueline? Both in the village. I haven't been to Raouls in a while but Chez Jacqueline is excellent. I believe the owner and waiters speak French.

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      The owner/hostess at Chez Jacqueline spoke French, but I'm not so certain about the waiters. The waiters at the 17th Street location of La Petite Abeille do speak French with one of them necessarily speaking it if you do not want to put up with his halting English.

    2. Last time I was at Gascogne, the wait staff were all French. But that was the summer, so maybe they were seasonal.

      1. Cosette, the teensy bistro on 33rd, b/t Lex & 3rd, has a French owner, and the wait staff is usually French-speaking -- at least, that was the case with the two servers who took care of us when we were there last night. I also heard patrons at a couple of tables speaking French.


        1. We've eaten at Jules, at St. Marks Place, a couple of times in the past month. I don't know about all the staff, but our both times we were there, our waitress was a native French-speaker.

          1. Pere Pinard. Most Definitely.

            1. The Le Gamin locations seem to have French staff, no?

              and Le Gigot in the village might have French waiters, though I haven't been there in a while and it can get expensive (cash/amex only).

                1. le bonne soupe is cheap and quite tasty and hardcore french.

                  1. Try Jean Claude in SoHo on Sullivan Street. They used to be fabulous, and always had a french-speaking waitstaff. It's a little candle-lit bistro style place. Good wines. A delcious Spiced Squid appetizer. And their fish dishes are usually very good. Might be cash only.

                    1. René Pujol was entirely French speaking (and with very heavy accented English at that) when it was family owned. The last time I went (two weeks ago), the first time I've been since it went co-op, I was not sure that this was still the case, but it is certainly worth a call. BTW the food was up to the pre-sale quality.

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                        When we had lunch at Rene Pujol several weeks ago, our waiter was definitely not French. I detected a slight Spanish accent though. It was a very slow Sunday, so maybe when they're busier, the service staff might include some French-speakers. But I wouldn't count on it.