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Nov 4, 2007 03:32 PM

La Spiga: Italian in Needham, MA

La Spiga is a new Italian restaurant in Needham, MA. We ate there for dinner recently and were very disappointed. Had read some good reviews and heard some good things, but overall the experience was not good. The decor is rustic and open, but there is not much room for waiting patrons to stand and the restaurant itself was too brightly lit for dinner. For dinner, I had the mussels appetizer- very very fishy, did not taste good at all. I ate only about 1/2 of it and had to stop, and I usually LOVE mussels. My husband had the Fried Calamari appetizer which was OK, but came with no dipping sauce or marinara. He asked for some, but it never came. For entree, I ordered a special: pasta pockets filled with pumpkin and cheese, with a Wild Boar sauce on top. I was brought a flat noodle pasta with what I was told was the Wild Boar sauce. Apparently the kitchen made a mistake with the plating. It actually tasted pretty good, but it was not what I ordered. My husband had gnocci, which he found fair. One of our other dining companions had the Ravioli filled with Calamari and Arugula, topped with Shrimp. It was just fair- again, the Ravioli were way too fishy. Overall, we found all of the seafood dishes we tried to taste much too fishy. The service was also just fair. Our server clearly was well intentioned and nice, but she was nowhere to be found when our appetizers came. We had to ask someone else for extra marinara sauce, which was never brought, and later we were told that the kitchen was too busy to provide us with marinara dipping sauce for the fried calamari. The person who served our entrees was very unfamiliar with the menu options and did not know what was in the plates he was serving. Overall, the food was not great and service was fair to poor.

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      It's behind Kennedy Carpets near D'Angelo's off Highland Ave towards the Newton line. Just off 128 as you head to Needham St. in Newton.
      I am glad I read this review before going over.

    2. We had a similar experience about a month ago.

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        I cannot stand it when places operate that way. To not have been given a sauce with your calamari is unacceptable especially that you asked for it. Fishy tasty fish means two things... not properly refrigerated or not fresh fish. From your review it sounds as though nothing was good. Service or the food. Thanks for the heads up. Cross that one off my list, thanks.

      2. I was glad to see it come in as it was nice to get some variety on Highland St. And for lunch, it still seems like a decent option, though the food is mixed. Everyone I know who has tried the pastas say they're terrific, but I've found the sandwiches to be just okay, particularly for the price. The $8.95 sausage and brocolli rape wasn't bad, but the sausage was crumbly and not particularly flavorful, and the rape wasn't drained well so the bread wound up soggy. Same with the veal cutlet which was so dull I wound up raiding the pizza condiments and oil and vinegar, just to get some flavor into it; the cutlet was breaded and fried beautifully, but there was no seasoning to it at all.

        It seems to me like a work in progress. I haven't given up on it yet, but I still haven't found the menu item that would make me rush back.

        1. This was the worst meal/service I've had in a long, long time! First, when you see prices like these on a menu, you kind of assume that it's going to be quality food. My friend asked if there was cheese on a certain pizza, and when the waiter said there was, I proceeded to order the same one. When our pizzas came out (much) later, neither one had cheese. They were literally thin pieces of pizza crust with sauce airbrushed on and about 5 small slices of garlic. Another friend ordered the delicious-sounding caesar salad (with fried ricotta and parmesan balls) with grilled chicken for $13.50! When hers came out, it was literally a bowl of lettuce and chicken with nothing on it. When we inquired about the cheese, the waiter came back with a small plate of 3 marble-sized cheeseballs. On top of that, the chicken was black and chewy. The waiter was unapologetic, made no efforts to fix his mistakes, and even joked about them! This was absolutely the worst! Save yourself some time and money and go to Papa Gino's down the street.

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            Toothdr, I'd be interested in other Boston and suburb restaurants that you enjoy, in and outside of Needham. It would be helpful for comparison.

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              Bear it seems like many people especially the ones listed below also have a one time chowhound review. It's a bit suspect don't you think?

          2. The original comment has been removed