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Nov 4, 2007 03:30 PM

Press 195 in Queens-Disappointed

I always liked the sandwiches, soup and salads. We went today for lunch around 1:00. It took 45 minutes for our sandwiches and salads to come. No one came over to check on us. When they did come..I don't if it was the fact that we waited so long or what, but they just weren't as good.
It will be awhile before we return

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  1. IMHO, if you're going there for the food you're missing the point. It's one of the (count 'em) 2 places in Queens where you can get a decent selection of microbrew. Sunswick in LIC is the only other I know of.

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    1. re: Dave_G

      I think the food at Press is decent - it's not going to change your life but at the same time, there is such a dearth of places like that in Queens so in a pinch it's fine.

      Though I agree Dave G that one of the biggest reasons to go there is the beer selection. The fact that they have Allagash White on tap is reason enough. FYI - the only other place I've seen with a wide beer selection (not all micros) is Austin Ale House in Kew Gardens. The atmosphere is pretty lame IMHO but the beer selection is good.

    2. Press makes me happy. Please give it another chance. We are desperate for some more places like this in our parts. A cool place to chill with some great eats, nice beer, chill decor.

      1. I have heard nothing but great things about this place and after reading Mcheck57's post I was a bit skeptical....are you sure you were at the right restaurant?....I went yesterday man this place was awesome the staff could not have been friendlier, food great, especially the fries...i asked the server and he said they were Belgian fries...(better than any Belgian place I have been too) and like all others here yes the beer selection is killer, imagine Harpoon Brown on tap at a store on Bell Blvd...times they are changing here.....finally a unique cool place to go to perhaps you should give them a second chance i have already planned my next meal there and cant wait to take my friends....

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        1. re: Bob Oreilly

          I have to chime in about the fries. First you say you asked the server and he said they were Belgian fries, then you state they were better than any Belgian place you'd been to.

          If you've already dined in multiple Belgian restaurants why were you confused about the fries?

          We ordered them recently and thought they weren't quite up to snuff. Too thin to be considered real Belgian frites (and way too salty.) I didn't think they were blanched either. They were okay as far as fries go but they shouldn't be selling them as Belgian.

          As far as the sandwiches go, I feel like they have a very large list but a lot of them don't quite work. We've been a number of times and each time we like it less and less. They'd be much better off with a smaller menu of stellar hot, pressed sandwiches.

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