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Nov 4, 2007 02:58 PM

Chili Party bowls?

I am having a chili, there will only be 3 different kinds of chili and some other foods, such as cheese and breads and such. I want people to be able to try all three kinds of chili, so I don't want to use my regular bowls (because they'd get full on the first bowlful), so I am trying to find an alternative to serve the chili in, so people can have some of all three at the same time. The only thing that I can think of is styrofoam cups and they can have their 3 cups of chili and put it all on a plate, or just do one at a time and not have the plate. But I was hoping to find something a little better than styrofoam cups, any thoughts? There will be about 20 people... Appreciate any ideas or thoughts....

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  1. If your chili is good and you are having that many people styrofoam and plastic spoons will be fine. you may be able to find some with a mexican motif at target or a party supply house.

    1. I've had success serving chili & heartier soups in hollowed out rolls- you need to find something rustic (chewey) at about 3 inches- hollow out a slightly and fill w/chili- guest can eat in a couple of bites and it's so much nicer than styrofoam- no spoons required

      1. You can use teacups - unless you think that's too girly for a chili party. :-)

        Or check a camping supply store. Sometimes they have those plastic plates with the different compartments.

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          and teacups have handles that allow you to eat the chili hot, without burning your hands. Perhaps a mix of teacups and mugs for those with differing appetites. Is this a stand up affair or will people be sitting at tables? If they are sitting you may want to use plastic rather than styrofoam as holding the cups will not be as much of an issue. I just hate scraping a spoon or fork or whatever against styrofoam, i always feel like i am scraping some of it into my food. Probably just me though.

        2. I saw Paula Deen make some cups out of dough. She cut a round out of biscuit dough (or something like that) then pressed them over the backs of an over-turned muffin tin and baked them that way. They're a bit on the small side - which could be perfect for you.

          1. They do make disposable bowls these days. I would go for that or go to a food warehouse and buy the styrofoam bowls the restaurants send you home with. And if at all possible serve with plastic soup spoons. They are heavier, and larger.