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Nov 4, 2007 02:57 PM

UWS -- Dinner Date.. Help

I have a date on friday... and I am looking for a good Italian place for dinner.
Want somewhere where it not too loud and have proper seating.. do not want to seat across my date.. I have much rather go a place where I can sit next to my date.

Seating arragement ---
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  1. Are you wedded to the UWS?

    1. It's not exactly the uws, but you may consider Roberto Passon, on 9th Avenue and (around) 50th Street. It's good Italian food and out of the 3 times I've been, twice I've been seated in the corner with the seating you request. They accept reservations (though I've never had them) so you could perhaps request that table. It's busy, but I've never had trouble hearing.

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        At 68th & Broadway on the UWS there is a small, inexpensive Italian restaurant called La Fenice where you can request a table for 4 so that you can sit next to instead of across from your date.
        The food is basic Italian but very decent food.
        If you can go away from the UWS to the theater district, there is Vice Versa at 51st bet. 8th & 9th, a romantic Northern Italian restaurant where they will honor your seating arrangement if you request it in advance.

      2. 'Cesca - good food and plenty of tables to sit next to each other.

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          i 2nd 'cesca if in budget. if too pricey, you can always sit in bar area and get some great wines and small plates.

          if you like seafood, neptune room has a great little 2 top in the back room in corner for the seating you desire

        2. Gabriel on 60th (not Gabriela near Columbus). Check it out, I think it would work for you.

          1. Thanks guys for all the great suggestions.. I will go ahead and visit each recommended places this week.

            I was just wondering, are there any places where is there some live musicians performing.

            OK.. I know, I am getting little greedy, but little help would be great. Any suggestions!!!


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            1. re: prometheus

              No live musicians, but I would also put in a vote for Spiga, on 84th Street just west of Amsterdam.