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Nov 4, 2007 02:57 PM

"Eclectic" Hors D'oeuvres

I'm working on a menu for a cocktail party and I want to come up with "eclectic" ideas that I can present in a really funky way. I'm getting ceramic tasting dishes for some, doing a soup shooter, chinese soup spoon scallop etc. I am looking for a Duck hors d'oeuvre... any ideas??

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  1. was brainstorming for just this thing the other day- our criteria were single bites on a stick-we chose these three for our menu and a duck made the cut:

    corndog shrimp (don't laugh) jumbo shrimp dredged in cornmeal batter & fried- served with warm pepper jelly (toooo good)

    rice & duck cala (think arancini w/duck confit) on a stick like a lollipop

    focaccia kebobs- squares of olive oil/herb focaccia, marinated grape tomatoes, olives, & bocaccini

    1. You could do a bite-size Peking duck: buy the duck from a Chinese restaurant, make thin plain pancakes and wrap them around the duck like a spring roll. Serve with dipping sauce.

      You can never go wrong with arancini, as mentioned above. The only thing is that they need to be fried just before serving.

      In another thread, someone mentioned wrapping pitted olives in pastry dough and baking. I'd do a biscuit dough, possibly one with cheese in it.

      1. miniature duck tamales. There's a restaurant around here (Vincent Guerithault in Phoenix) that does regular sized ones that people just RAVE about.