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Nov 4, 2007 02:53 PM

Nice restaurants in western MInneapolis suburbs?

My brother and I want to get my parents a gift certificate to a nice restaurant for Christmas this year, but they live out in Hamburg (near Norwood/Young America). I'm looking for something in the western suburbs so that they won't have to drive quite so far. We're thinking around $50 for the gift certificate. Neither of them drink, but they're pretty flexible on food, so any suggestions for nicer places out west would be great!

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  1. Nice idea...I wish I was your parents.

    I would suggest a gift certificate to the D'Amico restaurants with the suggestion that they use it at Campiello (Eden Prairie, very accessible from Norwood/Young America). But if they find themselves in downtown, they could also use it at Lurcat, D'Amico Cucina, the Uptown Campiello, etc.

    For a little bit more casual, I would also suggest Redstone in Eden Prairie.