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Nov 4, 2007 02:22 PM

HOT: PLS, Can someone recommend a new restaurant in Philly for tonight?

Tomorrow I celebrate a big birthday (rather keep it unsaid) and we are going to Daniel in NYC - fun! Tonight my husband is giving me carte blanche for dinner (we both have tomorrow off). Anyone know of a new place in Philly to try? Not too expensive since we are going to Daniel tomorrow. I was thinking Italian to change it up??? Saw a new restaurant Le Virtu? Does anyone know anything on that - or another new place to try?

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  1. Haven't been yet but maybe Supper on South St across from the Whole Foods?

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      amycakes, thanks. I did a little googling, and it seems like it is a cool place to try, but maybe pricey for not too much food? I think we will try it, but now I am really starting to crave some comfort food --

    2. If you are looking for Italian, while not "new new", Vetri's Osteria (under 1 year) and Modo Mio might be worth trying if you have not already.

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        Very interesting, percyn. We went to Oseria once, and it was pretty good (it was right when they opened, so it could have been refined). Modo Mio - I haven't been. Have you been?

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          modo mio is great! the turista menu is something ordinarily-priced at $30 but REALLY good and filling. i wrote about my visit a couple weeks ago somewhere around here...

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            Any concerns about service? I just jumped on a couple blogs and they said service was bad.

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              i have mixed thoughts on the service... while i think they are some of THE friendliest waiters (and the chef loves to come out and chat, too!), and they bring out hordes of complimentary dishes (i've had three to four morsels of food at each dinner there on the house) ... they can tend to lag a little when you are finished and waiting for the check. possibly because i've only eaten at the outdoor tables when i've been there, and maybe the packed indoors kept them busy. i think they work under the assumption that people like to linger after a meal, but i most definitely do not! :) other than waiting too long for the check, i think it's one of the friendliest meals i've had in philly.

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                When I went, the food was fine, but the service was **terrible**. Probably the worst service I've had outside of Beneluxx for a newish restaurant in Philly. The food service was sloooow (half an hour for an appetizer?!) and after we finished it was like they couldn't get us out of the door fast enough (and we're not loiterers). Our server was downright rude; food was fine (but then again, not fantastic). Overall, I'd not go back unless I read many glowing reviews on here...

      2. Thanks to everyone for suggestions. We ended up trying a new local place in Stockton, NJ, just over border from Bucks county, called Via Ponte. We had been for lunch, and the man running the pizza oven said they were packing the place since they opened, so we decided to try. Via Ponte is a restaurant run/owened by a Sicilian chef. My appetizer of escargot was really good - much lighter than french versions I have had. The canneloni was okay. Pretty heavy with a tomato sauce that was okay. No dessert this time, but before I did have a very good almond cake. I thought it would be "authentic" and I did think the escargot and my husband's baccala (sp?) did seem so, not sure sure on the pastas... Thanks again!