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Nov 4, 2007 02:21 PM

Dim sum in or near Long Beach?

Is there a general dim sum craving happening? I just saw another post, but none of the recommended restaurants are near Long Beach. Thoughts?

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  1. We usually drive out to Garden Grove - just jump on the 22 East for about 15 min - it's worth it!
    Because for as much 'ethnic" food as there is in Long Beach, Dim Sum is not part of the it.
    Our favorite place is called Seafood World, but there are a ton of places in that same area.
    15351 Brookhurst St # 101-106
    Westminster, CA 92683

    1. You're close enough to Little Saigon, that I would just go there. You could hit up Brodard's for some first-class Vietnamese food, especially the spring rolls with pork inside. Or you could get bahn mi sandwiches at Lee's (or somewhere else down there).

      1. Actually, Cerritos/Artesia is probably a better alternative. Ten Ten (Artesia), Prince Seafood and Happy House are all good.