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Nov 4, 2007 01:59 PM

Fig Newtons. Does anybody else still eat these, or just me? [moved from Ontario board]

I just bought a package of Fig Newtons and they tasted terrible.

I think that they are now importing them from the states, where they have always tasted terrible.

Does anybody have any thoughts, has anybody else tried the new Fig Newtons or am I the only one still eating them?

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  1. Well, make sure they're not the low-fat ones. Having never tried Canadian ones, I wasn't aware they were better, but I still buy a small packet in California from time to time when I need a snack at work, and they seem to hit the spot.

    1. I heard on some radio show that once they started making 'fig' newtons in other flavors, the bottom fell out of the dried fig market. As a result fig growers started to put more effort into marketing fresh figs.

      Personally I prefer the whole grain fruit bars that I get from the bulk bins of a health-food store. They have more character, even when a bit stale. But the apricot or raspberry flavored bars are more interesting than the fig ones. They have a tartness that fig lacks.


      1. Fig Newmans made by Paul Newman's brand are a lot better than the regular brand (Nabisco or store brand). The cookie part is more cake-y and the filling tastes better in my opinion. Don't know if these are available in Canada though.

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          I'm a Fig Newmans fan also. They're much tastier than the others out there - & organic too.

        2. I sometimes buy Fig Newtons. It's one of the best "snacks" for dieters. I just have to be in the mood for them. I don't buy the low-fat ones because, caloriewise there is very little difference.

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          1. re: MrsT

            The problem is that in Canada ours tasted a lot better, the ones I've got from the U.S. were always a little browner than the ones in Canada. And the new ones are zero fat, but aren't labeled as being a low-fat alternative, they are the just labeled new and improved, but I disagree.

          2. My bf's fave snack. He prefers the fat-free because they don't crumble and taste the same. They taste pretty good to me.