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Nov 4, 2007 01:40 PM

Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner

I'm wondering if someone has been there for the Friday Night prix fixe and how you enjoyed it (I realize the menu changes weekly)... What's the decor like? Service? Thanks!

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  1. I have been for Lunch...rather cold atmosphere lots of cement and hard chairs to sit on...acoustics also poor...tables close together...I heard the entire conversation from the table on either side...without eaves was ok not fab won't go back....Miranda

    1. Just went this weekend and was disappointed. Food was good, not great (actually, the sweetbreads were very good; also had a cod main, and carrot cake dessert). Portions were really small -- and I don't expect quantity over quality, but several people (esp. the guys) were actually hungry afterwards. The service was friendly enough, although very slow (my friend actually declared that there seemed to be prolonged intermissions b/w each course!). The space is as miranda mentions -- very airy, open and somewhat austere (although I imagine it would be lovely in the daytime with all the high windows). Unfortunately, I likely won't go back.

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        But does it look like I've seen pictures in the daytime or do they add things like table cloths to make it prettier at night?

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          No tablecloths as I recall. Overall, the atmosphere was rather stark.

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            S#$% - and that's where I booked - I was looking for not too expensive near the ROM, not Italian, not cafe nervosa, not sushi......argh