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Nov 4, 2007 01:37 PM

Suggestions for a great turkey to cook?

My scattered thoughts are once again turning towards Thanksgiving day and of course the centerpiece will be a barbecued turkey. I have to admit that I've been kinda disappointed in the turkeys I've purchased in the Portland area in the past few years. I've been getting the Diestel brand fresh turkey in the past few years from W.F., but I'm not too impressed. I've also cooked Shelton turkeys in the past too, with some good results.

I know that Cooks Illustrated recommends Rubashkin's Aaron's Best kosher frozen turkeys, but I've never seen them in stores around here. Using a kosher bird would be nice because I could skip the brining, but I'm open to all suggestions except tofu :-)

Does anyone have a suggestion for a great bird in the Portland area?

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  1. And does anyone know where to get Rubashkin's Aaron's Best turkeys in Seattle?

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      Not me, but I've always had great success with the Shelton turkeys.

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        The U Village QFC carries Rubashkin's Aaron's Best chickens. You might call to see if they will have the turkeys for Thanksgiving.

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          I believe that Albertsons in mercer Island carries them. Good Luck!

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            I bought one today at the Kirkland Trader Joe's. They have them till "sold out". They are about 10-12 pounds.

          2. I've found it doesn't matter so much the turkey as it does the way you cook it. Breast down, breast down, breast down!!!!! I've been told by everyone who has tried my turkeys that they are the best ever, and I have to agree. People say, "but the breast won't get a nice golden brown", but it does and it tastes amazing. Juicy, tender, wonderful. Happy Turkey Day!!!