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Nov 4, 2007 12:58 PM

fiesta mexicana..i went and

it was barely ok (sat night at 5:30). Service was great and the cook/waitress totally rocked. Lets see.. the pork carnitas were a little dry. The salsa is not tomato based, but rather chile based and it's hot.. no joke, I liked. The chips were straight out of a bag. We also ordered queso fundido and I have no idea what the "authentic" version encompasses, but this was extremely rubbery and difficult to deal with.. it tasted so-so. The beef sopes left a little to be desired, between stringy dry beef and a sope that tasted like really old fryer oil we didn't finish them. Everyone that came in seemed to be ordering things that were not on the I guess we should have tried time? I'll rack this experience to unluckiness, but probably own't return.. a little far to drive from downtown b-more. Oh yeah check the expiration on the drinks in the cooler if you go.

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  1. As one who makes the trek out to Rosedale about once a week and has eaten across Mexico City, I find the food at Fiesta Mexicana to be wonderful and worth the effort. I'm not one to bash on your perceptions, but I will take issue with your assertion about the "old fryer oil".

    If FM were a restaurant that had a deep fryer, then perhaps you might have a point, but I watch them in action and the oil is always fresh and done in a pan. Perhaps the flavor just wasn't to your taste, and that's fine - but "old" that fryer oil is not.

    1. Thanks for the review. I'm not enough of a fan of Mexican food to drive out to Rosedale when I get get pretty good Latin American stuff pretty close by, but was almost intrigued enough by the posts here to check it out for myself.

      I do wonder if it was just an 'off' night, but in any event, unless I'm in the area, I don't think I'll end up stopping by.