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Nov 4, 2007 12:22 PM

Fav Silverlake Sun night restaurant?

Looking for a good dinner tonight in Silverlake.

Cliffsedge is our new fav, but it's closed tonight. Not a huge fan of Edendale, Tantra or Cafe Stella (too pricey for the food).

I've read bad things about Blair's, but it's an old posting. Any new news? Also read good things about Aroma, but that was a while ago. You know how quickly a restaurant can change, so I guess I'm looking for some current favs and avoids.

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  1. Oh... surrounding areas.. Los Feliz, Echo Park, Atwater are all cool too.

    1. I'd go with Canele for sure.
      I don't think Aroma has changed much -- people who liked it at first still like it -- the food is good, but it seems pricey to me.
      And to add to your closed list, Michelangelo is also closed on Sunday.
      Edendale has a new menu, but no guarantees there.

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      1. re: Chowpatty

        Chowpatty, the Michelango on Silverlake Blvd right next to Doggiestyle?

        I got take out from them once and it was awful. My cesar salad was all "butt" as I call it- really like the stuff you'd throw out and the dressing tasted bottled. If it wasn't then they should really be embarassed. I don't even remember what I got for an entre, that's how much of an impression it made on me.

        I haven't eaten there, though. In fact, I ordered take out because when we adopted our dog- Ruby- from Doggiestyle next door the food smellled and looked amazing.

        Should I give them another chance?

        I love Canele, and in fact just called them to see if they were open tonight. I think that's gonna be the ticket. Was actually looking for something new.... but the more I think of canele and that beet salad, the more my mouth is watering!

      2. Nothing wrong with Gingergrass. I think Silver Lake Wine (across the street from GG) is having an event tonight, too.

        1. The original comment has been removed