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Nov 4, 2007 11:23 AM

Mexican Food in Central Falls

I mentioned here that my fellow and I have tried Taqueria Lupita on Dexter and were not impressed by the food, prices, nor the service.

But yesterday we tried La Casa del Pueblo on Broad after homeboy got a haircut, and were very happy! The prices were similar to those of Tierras Mexicanas on Cross Street, which is a good thing...very economical.

Homeboy gave a thumbs up to his tacos, but not his taco al pastor. Not surprising, as the only place he's found that has pastor (outside of his own country, of course) that makes his eyes roll back in his head is in Brooklyn.

Service was great, fast, and friendly, and our bill was just barely over $10 for tacos and drinks for two. And they serve pancita, which we'll be sure to try next time we have a hangover.

Didn't notice if they have a liqour license. But overall, MUCH better food than Taqueria Lupita.

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  1. thanks for the 2 new recs - havin trouble finding em in the phone book, can anyone clarify?

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    1. re: sk3

      Hmmm....are you looking for phone numbers or exact addresses?

      I couldn't find La Casa by googling, but it's a few miles over the Pawtucket/CF border on Broad St. It's on your right hand side directly across from a laundromat.

      Tierras Mexicanas USED to be on Broad St when they were a tiny taqueria and store, but have since closed that location. They are now on Cross St (I think at the intersection with Roosevelt Ave), just over the Pawtucket/CF line. Their phone number is 723.4903. Or at least it was when I called to find out their new location, but I haven't called since.

      1. re: GabachaYucateca

        thanx, think i can find em - that's just up from my office.

        any word on the new-ish place on mineral spring (just off lonsdale) - think it's called El Hidalguense?

        1. re: sk3

          Stopped in there for tacos once...carne asada ones were good, but I asked for a chicken taco and not quite sure what the mystery meat was that they gave me. I had asked for it to go, so didn't get a chance to speak with anyone about it.

          We're planning on trying it out at some point, and will report back once we do!

          1. re: GabachaYucateca

            thx for the recs - had a great meal yesterday at casa del pueblo - and saw tierras on the way.. looking forward to going back thx again!

    2. any of these places offer barbacoa? i am dying for a soft barbacoa taco!

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      1. re: sprinklez

        I personally hate barbacoa, so it's not something that I would pay attention to. Sk3 did mention elsewhere that they had goat at La Casa del Pueblo, but not sure how it's prepared. I will keep my eyes open next time we go out.

        We tried Chilango's this weekend, and hubby gave it a 7. Not psyched about it. It was okay, but not great. The mango margarita I had got a 10+++

        1. re: sprinklez

          had exactly that at las casa - great!

        2. ***¡Un montón de gracias, Gabacha! Per your glowing report, we tried La Casa del Pueblo today (863 Broad Street, cross street is Walnut) for lunch and ordered a bunch of items -- all delicious. I really loved the tacos al pastor and everything else we ordered. The service was FANTASTIC -- our waitress was accommodating and bubbly, went out of her way to make us feel welcome and chatted pleasantly with us in Spanish and English. Our food was served promptly -- good chips with a fresh-tasting salsa too. I rarely eat out these days but we opted to eat there rather than take-out. The sweetness of the waitress persuaded us :) and I liked the laid-back vibe of this place. The breakfast selections are extensive -- in fact, they serve breakfast all day. I also liked the drink choices - agua fresca (which, sadly, I couldn't get at Chilangos, my only complaint about that place), in addition to licuados. We can't wait to go back. We even ordered extra tacos to bring home, although we were stuffed, because I knew I'd want more later. Cute presentation with a little radish cut into a flower, and I liked the mole too.

          We took a little spin around to check out the 'hood after lunch. I found Tierras Mexicanas, which is indeed at the intersection of Cross and Roosevelt, but I noticed several "For Sale By Owner" signs and it didn't seem to be open. The number you gave is disconnected. Hmm.

          I also noticed a cute-looking place a few blocks from La Casa del Pueblo called "La Chiva" at Broad and Clay, with a little chiva (Colombian bus, the brightly-colored one) parked outside. It looks like a converted Honeydew Donuts. Signs advertised Colombian snacks like empanadas, as well as Colombian coffee. I had just eaten a LOT at La Casa, so I didn't venture in, but I'm intrigued :) Has anybody been there? (I know, non-Mexican on a Mexican food thread, but same 'hood). 475-0313.

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          1. re: foxy fairy

            Too bad about Tierras Mexicanas. I was wondering how they'd do after closing their store on Broad and expanding their restaurant. Obviously, it didn't work out. I'll try to get the scoop from some friends who know the owners well.

            I found La Casa quite cozy as well...we went on a super-rainy day and it was such a nice atmosphere. The staff was friendlier than other places I've been to as well.

            Have not tried La's hard to get homeboy to broaden his horizons!

          2. We have an international food tour along Broad Street. Some amazing restaurants are located here.
            We also include a historical and nature tour on our River Boat and a meet the chef sessions after dinner where you go into the kitchen and talk all about the food.

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