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Nov 4, 2007 10:54 AM

Mountain Top Diner in Fred. Co.

Has anyone ever been to the Mountain Top Diner in Frederick County? We see the sign for it when we are driving South on 70 from PA but have never stopped. Is it worth the trip?

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  1. Is that Mountain View in Thurmont?

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      There's a Mountain View Diner in Frederick and Mountain Gate in Thurmont. I don't think I've ever heard of Mountain Top.

      1. re: LizH

        I think I meant Mountain View Diner. It is not in Thurmont. Thanks to the poster below for the review. We will have to pull off next time to check it out!

      2. re: Mister Big

        I don't think there's a Mountain Top Diner in Frederick County. Having not been on 70 in Pa. for a few years, I don't know what the sign says, but most likely it's the Mountain View Diner--not in Thurmont, but in Frederick. It's a Greek-owned New Jersey-type diner. This one is on the Golden Mile (US 40), 5 minutes off of 70. I shared a great spanakopita and French Dip.

        What you're thinking of in Thurmont (off of US 15, would be a 20 minute detour from 70) is the Mountain Gate, which is little more than a big truck stop with a SYSCO-canned menu. Not much to recommend beyond the home-baked desserts, breakfast basics and simple sandwiches, but it's dirt cheap and open 24/7/365.

        Mountain View is well worth the five minute detour from 70. Mountain Gate definitely isn't worth the 20 minute detour from 70 and, unless you're really hungry, probably not worth the one-minute detour from 15.

      3. Its been 10 years or more, but it was awful. However, if you like a mediocre buffet at a relatively inexpensive price, give it a shot. If you are out that way, and can't wait until you get into downtown Frederick, you might try the Shamrock (a little further north on RT 15) which we tried a number of years ago and liked. We understand the Cozy Inn, also in Thurmont, might be ok but we've never tried it.

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          I've been to the Cozy Inn but not Mountain Gate. They are within a half-block of each other. While Cozy Inn was once a destination spot for wonderful food, home baked pies, etc., I've found the buffet to be perhaps less wonderful in the last few years. However, if you traveling and hungry stop. You can make a nice salad, there is various fresh breads, fresh fruit, always a not bad fried chicken and lots more selections. An ice cream machine for the kids and a dessert selection. I believe in the "olden days" the vegetables were garden fresh while todays always seem mostly canned.

          I understand from a trusted friend that the Mountain View Diner in Frederick is bettern than the "renowned" Double TT in Catonsville.....which I'm finding no so wonderful lately.

          If you're particularly looking for Greek, you might want to try the Athens in Prospect Plaza, 425 S. Jefferson St., Frederick, 301-694-3344. They've changed owners in the last year or so and have a lovely Greek menu as well as burgers, sandwiches and subs for the kids. For pizza carry out, their Greek Delite (with added capers) if my pizza of choice.

          If you in the Prospect Plaza and are looking for Chinese, you might want to try Chef Lins. The Chinese buffet is OK (with lots of American food for kids). The sushi isn't bad (love the pickled ginger)...they have steamed seafood (including baby squid) and on Sat and Sunday they have a very small (5 item) selection of dim sum. You can also have a steak grilled to order included in the buffet price. Crab legs are extra.

          If you're into Mexican, I posted earlier today about the Enchilada House very near the Mountain Diner on US 40.