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Nov 4, 2007 10:46 AM

Okada (Las Vegas) Review

Thought I would post how happy we were in our decision to go to Okada when deciding on a sushi restaurant. We had narrowed it down to Okada, Nobu and I can't think of the name of the other place, but it was at Ceasar's. Well, we had such an amazing experience at Okada and highly recommend it! We ate there on a Sunday night and got there about an hour before our reservation time to have a drink at the bar. Sat there for about a half hour and then was told our table was ready. I had told them when I made the reservation about 2 months ago that we were celebrating our anniversary and not sure if that is why we had a great table, but we were right on the "water" overlooking the waterfall...very nice.

We ordered a cold sake and loved our choice. We then ordered an appetizer from the specials...Japanese Oysters. WOW! I think I will be dreaming about them until the next time I can have them. There were 5 of them and we ended up ordering another order b/c they were so unbelievable! So get them if you are there and they have them as a special!!

For sushi, we ordered rolls..Spider Roll, Eel Roll, California Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll. All were the best sushi we have had and nothing else will compare. I guess we will have to fly to Vegas when we are in the mood for sushi! Because unless something comes along and tops how good this sushi was, we will be disappointed!

The service was very good, too, very attentive, not rushed at all! We had a great time and can't wait to return! Great choice if you love sushi!

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  1. We always stay at the Wynn and we love their restaurants and Okada is one of our fav' is always sushi grade and so fresh and the prices are somewhat reasonable for a sushi restaurant at a 5* hotel/'s the first place we go after we check-in.
    So glad you had a great time!
    Sign up for their great hotel specials, via their website..I get $119 room rates at certain time of the year with free $ play too.
    Daniel Boulud's and Alex are outstanding too.

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Thanks Beach Chick for the info. on the hotel specials. I forgot to mention one of the most important things..the prices! Exactly like you said....not bad at all for such a high quality place!! I have paid almost just as much for not even close to par sushi in San Diego!

      1. re: Montaukbea

        I've paid way more at Sushi Ota in SD which we love but when you are walking into the Wynn, you are thinking, man, this is going to cost me big bucks..
        But not!
        You can't beat the Wynn hotel specials when you sign up on their website..

    2. Does Okada have a sushi bar, and if so how busy is it usually?
      I know this may seem like a silly question to ask about a sushi place, but the Nobu here in Miami Beach oddly enough has no sushi bar.
      We're planning to do Okada one night either pre- or post-show at the Wynn and I'm trying to determine whether to reserve a table as a backup.

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        We were there on a Sunday night and there were plenty of spots at the sushi bar. Our reservation was for 8:30 and while sitting at the bar there were open spots. I don't recall what it was like on the way out which was at around 10:00ish. Have a great time!

        1. re: Frodnesor

          Great sushi bar and we always find a spot for the two of us..
          I would reserve just to make sure..let the hostess know what your preference is when being seated.
          Love the Wynn and hope you are staying there as well.

        2. Just wanted to post on my recent experience at Okada and figured I'd do so here rather than start a new thread. We got there about 10pm after a show at the Wynn and were happy to find a couple seats at the sushi bar, where there were at least 4 sushi chefs working. The view of the waterfall out back is quite nice, but I always prefer being at the bar.

          We pretty much stuck with just sushi, although there were a number of cooked items that were also intriguing (including a dish w/ foie gras and BBQ eel). I started off with the "Daily Nigiri Sushi Master Special", which was an assortment of 10 different pieces of nigiri, while Mrs. F did the "Sushi & Rolls Platter" which came with a spicy tuna roll, then nigiri of chu toro, maguro, hamachi, salmon, white fish, albacore tuna and shrimp.

          The "sushi master special" was a very nice assortment of fish - I eat a good bit of sushi but there were still a few items I don't recognize (but regretfully swallowed up before I could ask). I do know it included maguro, o-toro, sweet shrimp, salmon, octopus, hamachi, uni, a white fish, and then a couple other interesting items, as well as a couple pieces of tamago. All were absolutely spanking fresh and delicious. Mrs. F's spicy tuna roll was also quite good, not so pulverized and overmixed that you didn't still have a sense of the fish.

          I added on another order of the o-toro as well as another very nice item, kohada - a Japanese shad which is in the family of silver-skinned fish like mackerel. I'm a big fan of these silver-skinned fish and it's always fund to see a sushi chef's eyes light up when I order them, as they seem to not have as many fans among Westerners. (Indeed, as the night was wrapping up our sushi chef took out another piece of the kohada and rolled himself a little rice ball and ducked under the counter to sneak a bite).

          We did order one cooked item, spicy popcorn rock shrimp w/ red chili aioli and microgreens - this is another variation on the creamy spicy crispy rock shrimp dish made famous by Nobu Matsuhisa. Mrs. F said it was the best one she's tasted (better than Nobu's). Rather than tossing the shrimp with the sauce, Okada's version keeps it separate as a dipping sauce, which keeps the shrimp crispier.

          We really enjoyed this place, certainly among the best and freshest sushi we've had anywhere.

          1. nevermind, found the menu

            1. Care to share the prep for the Japanese Oysters?