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Nov 4, 2007 10:41 AM

Driving the 401 - Toronto to Montreal

I'll be driving from Toronto to Montreal on a Friday evening this month, hoping to get to Montreal before midnight, but won't be able to leave Toronto any earlier than 4 pm. I'll likely encounter traffic, so, any suggestions as to where to grab a dinner that's quick and tasty or at least not too depressing? Thanks.

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  1. I frequently make the drive from Toronto to Ottawa. I frequently stop at Chez Piggy in Kingston. Nice cozy spot, good menu and service.

    1. When I'm in Kingston or passing through, I usually go with one of my friends to a place called Grecos. A lot of my friends really love that place.

      Grecos Grill
      167 Princess St, Kingston, ON K7L1A9, CA

      1. Chez Piggy is nice etc., but I don't believe it is too quick. The Kingston Brew Pub has nice reasonable food and great brewed in house beer. One small glass should be fine etc.

        It may be easier for posters to list places you wouldn't want to eat on route. i.e any 401 rest area.

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          1. I am not sure what type of food you are looking for but when I was a graduate student I really enjoyed the Vietnamese cuisine at Mekong at the corner of division and princess in Kingston. Almost all the dishes are under $10.

          2. preference for atmosphere?

            one of the best meals you can get in kingston is the wok-in. spicy malay (if i remember correctly) it something that's a little cafeteria in feel. the place is tiny and cozy but a serious hound kind of place.

            the brew pub is ok foodwise but the real treat there is a bourbon pie they do. it's similar in concept to a pecan pie/butter tart and something i always had to have when dragged out there for some celebration or another.

            greco's is an upscale (for kingston) greek place that i doubt will be quick but served consistent and reasonably tasty food.

            takesushi was always the better of the two (the other being asha across the street) but i'm unsure how the existence of either of these are doing. takesushi is korean run but they were super friendly and always offered up little dishes of extras. the sushi is ok but overall they were one of the better experiences in kingston.

            jj's if you want a pretty good burger.

            woodenhead's is like a more pedestrian terroni but the atmosphere is certainly not depressing and may refresh you for the ride on out. plus, you could get some pizza to go and take it on the road if you really wanted.

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              What about the Pilot House in K-town. I'm sure there may be somewhere nice along the main drag in Gananoque but I just don't the names of any places. Cornwall, Lancaster, Prescott are all food wastelands, IMHO.