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Nov 4, 2007 10:28 AM

Dim sum, Nov 23., three choices.

Am taking a couple of nephews to dim sum on Nov 23. Am thinking it's going to be crowded, and there'll be a couple of toddlers and one baby. The choice is Mission 261, Sea Habor, or Elite. Which would you suggest? Our experience with Mission is that it's got good parking and relatively less stress for groups with young children. How's either Sea Habor or Elite? Quality of food is best at Sea Habor or Elite, and I think all three are made to order instead of carts.

Would you think arriving at 11:30 be early enough? Or should we get there by 11:00?

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  1. You really can't go wrong with any of your 3 choices.

    Personally, I think Sea Harbour does the best dim sum in the SGV. Others are fans of Elite, but I just find the stuff at Elite to be less refined than what you can find at Sea Harbour.

    M261 is also very good, but oftentimes it feels like the place is putting more emphasis on style (egg tarts the shape of lily pads, dumplings shaped like doves, etc.) than on substance (egg tarts are dry and tasteless and the dumpling centers can be too salty). Still, a very good choice esp. if your party fancies a nice surrounding.

    This question is like taxes ... we all have an opinion on how much we owe and no one is really right, right? :-)

    Oh, and I think on the 23rd, getting there at 11:30 will mean a crowd the size of people waiting for Hanna Montana tickets. The earlier the better (and 11 might still be a bit on the late side)

    Enjoy wherever you end up.

    1. Of the three, I like the dim sum at Elite the best.

      With little kids in your party, I would really suggest you get there well before 11.

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        I also like Elite a lot!
        Actually, 11:00 can be about right. At that hour, the first wave of patrons is just finishing and the turnover begins. If you arrive much earlier than 11:00, then you probably should arrive when they open...10 or 10:30? We were there this past Saturday about 10:30, and every table was full and most people still had their menus open; we needed to wait the entire round until just after 11:00 to get in.

      2. I agree that M261 will be the least stress, least crowded of all three probably. You can even get there at 11.30 and be early enough :)
        I probably like Sea Harbor's food better though. But line is much longer, much more crowded ..

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        1. re: burumun

          Thanks everyone. We've settled on M261. Everyone's been there before so it's relatively easy on everyone, esp. one new mother.

        2. Yes, all three are made to order so no hailing cart ladies; and for Black Friday, the earlier the arrival the better. If your group wounds up 8 or bigger, may be worthwhile to just make a reservation and not deal with a wait (I'm pretty sure they'll take those for larger groups since all three are upscale Dim Sum places).

          Of the three, I personally like the food at Sea Harbor best but feel that Elite & 261 are pretty close runners-up, as far as updated/modernized dim sum go. Parking-wise, 261 & Elite are comparatively better.

          In any case, happy post-Thanksgiving eating and can't wait to hear back.

          ~H. C.